October 5, 2011

Something to See Here (Soon)

Thanks for all the concern everyone, I have just been really busy. I did have some minor eye issues, and I have been back and forth to the witch doctors, but all seems good now.

If I was a betting man, I'd watch for some updates before pets arrives.....

As some of you will have noticed I have modified the site some, I don't plan to spend much time on this, just testing out a few small things. So any new additions you see may or may not stay. I will address any features I do decide to leave in much much latter.

There will be individual posts updated as I address any fixes needed in existing mods as per usual. Currently I haven't touched the game in a long while, so I need to spend a bit of time trying to recall where I left off with my bug list lol..

Pandorica will be released as promised, and any thing not posted from Wave 3, once I have finished testing and bug fixing. No ETA. But I am hoping to release before Pets.

I know Pets is a huge Release, and many will want mods updated for it, I have no idea how much of a code change will be required so there is definitely no time frame in place. I will likely address PETS before any new objects released. Though I may release a few small things depending on how my things go....