June 10, 2011

Comments & Asking For Help

As a rule I tend to reply to most emails right away, if I am near a computer etc. With my different jobs I tend to be near one often and I can as rule email a reply pretty quick. Pretty much the only time not near one is when sleeping, and then not so sure about that....

However I am not going to reply over and over again. I have a FAQ that tells people if you have a question email me, and I will try. DO NOT comment in posts looking for assistance. IT's not what they are for, as outlined...for those who have read.

There are also guides on how to enable custom mods & sounds.

I have pdf/docx that give an outline how some of the mods work, for the rest experiment, play have fun. IF I find more information is needed or something needs explaining I will add info etc.

Wanna report an issue or ASK for help email me, ask, and if i can help I will. If you email me 15 times because you haven't tried to figure out how to do anything and expect me to walk you through everything forget it.

If a link is not working, and it should be ask. IF a link is pass worded and says a date in the future don't.

CURSING in comments is strictly forbidden. And frankly I don't care if you downloaded your copies of the games or bought them, but don't wine to me you can't update or region codes don't match etc because you pirated them. I don't care. And commenting about downloading them illegally in the comments is certainly not going to happen. I have removed 2 separate comments from 2 people in 24 hours for blatantly saying they did or alluding to, and I will not tolerate it. What you do, what you buy is your business, keep it that way.


Something to ponder while waiting....

I decided that after wave 5 I would open up the next wave to the public....sort of. To the right is a poll with 3 titles. Trust me they are not necessarily what you first think. I will have the poll up over the next month, no I am not saying what they are.

Cast your vote.

I will also be posting a couple files late tonight or early tomorrow. Information to follow.


June 7, 2011

Generations & Recent EA Patch

I have been saying this for ages now, if EA puts out a patch and you update, there is always the chance that the game will go pow, boom! EA doesn't like custom objects, and like to change things. Plus scripts are compiled against EA internals, if they update something..pow.

When using custom scripts it always best to remove custom mods, install updates, and reinstall mods when patch is available, or even better avoid patching until mods are updates so you can accomplish all at once.

As advised next release will support current patches only, after release and stable will update to Generations & Patch introduced by EA to base game to support update.

Please be patient or if you cannot wait then removed mods from the game, until supported. As I cannot support 2 separate patches at the same time, without a ton of uninstalling reinstalling.

I may opt to update to patch, disabling new features so that patch is updated for those who couldn't wait, but no guarantees...and more importantly if you have generations...forget it. Game will go pow, wait until files updated.


June 5, 2011

Wave 4 Links

As usual I have posted the links early, and they are passworded. Please don't ask for passwords, you won't get them. The game package files have been completed but there is scripting to complete on a couple and a bunch of bug testing etc before public testing. Files are in place for testers etc.

NO ETA on release. Soon as stable enough I will release passwords and post remaining files etc.


The Pandorica

The Pandorica
screenshot.jpg A prison for the most dangerous being in all creation.