May 21, 2011

Wave 4 FAQ

I've been emailed a few of the same questions over and over so I'll try and answer a few of the more common ones. So I am answering a few more questions, and some in a bit more detail.

  • As depicted in the video I posted this week, SimHenge is placed on a community lot. It has a hologram & forcefield around hologram so you cannot walk through the hidden entrance. This is 1 object. The stairs are placed, after henge so access can be gained  into a basement. How you design this lot or basement is up to you. You don't even have to use it. I AM CONSIDERING releasing a prebuilt lot ready for use.
  • Pandorica, will store a sim, similar in nature to how a cryo chamber will work, except any sim within will be safe from temporal alterations. But cannot exit without help. from outside with a sonic device.
  • Dispersed SIMS are gone forever.
  • SIMS Absorbed into CRACK do not mean they are gone forever. Exact nature or limits etc have yet to be decided.
  • Cracks appearing will destroy world or lot depending on scope. This is to protect your game experience. You will be able to set to affect world or lot, by default will be limited to home lot. Event will be triggered manually. And will be rewarded if completed.
  • Brain Canister, will contain a Sims Dispersed Body Remains ONLY if remains are intended to remain.
  • Brain Canister is more complicated then a simple grave or simple jar. Full features will come into play in next wave, info not released yet.
  • Key of Rassilon will have more fuctions in the future, in this wave it will be required to power the demat gun. Demat Gun & Key will be built items. And workbench functions and interactions will be expanded upon. might see why there is a drawer, and it's not for scrap.


Event Fix - Update

I have been working on rewriting my approach to the Event to fall more inline with NPC service sims such as grim reaper or fireman, newspaper delivery etc. Which I had planned on investigation anyway..just not right now lol.
         Primary code is working..for me. Event still fallows the same course of actions, but less chance the autonomy of the game should interfere etc. It has not replaced the existing event code for 1 reason only. I haven't been able to get it tested enough yet. As soon as my testers get the time to really bug test it, see what happens under a bunch of situations, then it will be adapted to replace. I 'd rather not release it buggy again. So soon as I know its working it will be updated.
         In the meantime, I am still picking away at some bugs that crop up and working on wave 4 items. So far progress is moving along well.

Good news 1 tester has kicked around the Event and is indicating its stable at night and day which was one of the biggest issues that could cause a failure. Still waiting for the other testers to get some time to slug away at it.
A couple people have volunteered to bug test, and I appreciate that, but as a rule I ALWAYS decline anyone who asks. Mostly because most players who ask, are mostly just interested in getting there hands on new stuff faster. Most people who report a bug like  "its broken", "I can't do this" or "Is this broken". This is not helpful. The couple testers I have now, do a great job finding my mistakes lol. And point out things that work better or notice things I would never consider.
A tester says, I tried this, I then tried this, I then did this with this and it worked. So when I tried this it worked but ifI tried this it didn't perhaps we should do this or can we change this and do this. IF that makes any sense lol. If someone proves themselves helpful and a good tester, then I am more open to suggestions, but those who go beyond and are a proper troubleshoot tester, I will offer to allow them to become a full tester and have access to everything to break or play, they don't need to ask me.

As of 10 min ago I am down 2 testers. 1 do to other projects that keep them too busy, and have only perodically been popping in to help now and again. And 1 who just had a serious family loss earlier today and is in rather bad shape, and my heart goes out to him, and his family, and out of respect I have not posted the details. So until his role is filled or enough time passes for him to return, bug testing will be slower going. As I have had to take extended periods away from modding he knows he can always return when he wishes.


May 17, 2011


Falling asleep lol, almost 5am time for bed I think. I have either updated a few small bugs and added 2 cheats, or I have told the Tardis to turn into a cow...not sure exactly. If not you can use the 2 cheats to enjoy the mods easier until I get most of the bugs out. (Please still keep reporting them if not posted already)  Cheats are accessed as follows:

Type : testingcheatsenabled true
Type : buydebug

Simbiotic Nuclei  - ALT+SHIFT+Click Mouse on : Cheat\Full Timelord (Level 8 Skill & Nuclei)
Time Capsule - ALT+SHIFT+Click Mouse on : Cheat\Set Perfect Condition? I think lol (Demat Perfect, Full Power, Adds Components, Removed Duds)


May 16, 2011


Your sim cannot route to a Mailbox, that checks first for an APT Mailbox, if you don't have late night. IT WILL FAIL. YOU NEED LATE NIGHT!!!!!!!!


Honest mistakes happen, some may not realize you need expansions. But I have been repeatedly helping someone one, who indicated over and over had all expansions, because he was trying to trick me into adjusting object to allow his game to work without it..This is not cool. I don't want to spend time hunting for an issue because someone doesn't have what they need and lie about it.


Thanks Bug Hunters

Appreciate everyone who has been sending me bugs, and actually going as far as trying various methods to reproduce and see if there situational etc. It helps alot. Script core has become a rather large set of code supporting over 60 objects and rapidly climbing. Some not yet released some in planning stages like K9 and Dal.... errr Dalas Texas Poster...yeah.

Wave 4 updates will start appearing on the site this week. I have updated all the old packages to late night, and will be scripting through the week, along with bug fixes as reported, most of the models are done already, but there are a couple left to update/finish etc.

Many are sending suggestions/requests. Appreciated I am adding a section to the blog for requests or requests. Please post there. I am open to requests, but I have Wave 4 & 5 decided. So unless the object fits into those plans it will get added to the list. I will list some of the mods not to request.

When reporting bugs on Wave 1-3 please use the following format please:

IF SIM Standing around:
Time of Day:
Progressed Properly, Not through cheating/buying: Y/N
Did Tardis Appear : Y/N
Did Sim Eventually Leave : Y/N
Is your mailbox empty/accessible : Y/N

IF Component removal caused Tardis to stop functioning:
Did you update latest file : Y/N
Try Buying and Linking and Using Fresh Copy Still happen : Y/N
How you Aquired Component, what you altered on it, interaction you did to remove and install:

Send Details


May 15, 2011

Issues Getting Tardis Coral

Some people are having problems getting coral from event, Some things to check: Mailbox is Empty and routable. Your Timelord Sim is sleeping. Event check triggers every hour. When event triggers was speed normal or fast forwarding?. Does sim display any signs of wanting to route and can't. Does sim just stand around?

Please report any issues, as I am trying to find a way to adjust this without implementing a complete coding change. I will be digging into the code of this tonight when I get home, so anyone having this problem send me info as to what was happening just prior to..and what happened during..what they tried to do.


PDF Guides

These are the 3 Guides / FAQ, general mod info. These are not meant to give you a step by step to do anything. I simply do not have the time to, nor the desire. I think some things just are fun to figure out. But it will guide you to what you need to do, and answer some of the important questions.

Wave 1 - TimeLords (YES DOCX, not home to convert)
Wave 2 - Timelord Science (DOCX For Now)
Wave 3 - T.A.R.D.I.S (DOCX For Now)