April 30, 2011

Beta Files

Password will only be available upon request to avoid people blindly downloading and not listening. You will need to download ALL posted links for files to work. Anyone downloading please be aware :

2. No Support
3. No Help
4. Data not guaranteed to be saveable
5. May corrupt games if you save
6. Objects not final, may change
7. These include disabled features, debug menus, other testing stuff.

1. Not ALL Files are included example (Coral missing etc, Lots of Wave 3 Stuff)
2. I will IGNORE all questions, until finalized
3. I will IGNORE if you ask for password without telling me u understand the risk etc.
4. I will always IGNORE ignorant, impatient or demanding people.
5. This is not meant as a proper release, to enjoy properly wait for a full release.
6. Using debug menus is a privilege, generally only for testing, not meant to cheat with and will not be left in final.
7. No I will not walk you through how to become a timelord, or how to get a Tardis. Those  who used previous versions will have a general idea, though I have made it easier. A PDF will be updated and posted on release. Tardis stuff for the most part will not be available until next beta or final.
8. I don't need bug reports, I know what's broken for the most part, and some is by design. After full release feel free.
9. I appreciate the offers to become testers, but right that is under control.
LAST. I will be posting another update this week, may or may not be final. It will include aquiring tardis, advancement to skill level 8, basic interaction with tardis, some travelling options etc. Currently updating the inside doors and console code.

Read On For Downloads

Time Lord TT Capsule & Sidrat (Type 20/40/52)

Time Lord TT Capsule & Sidrat (Type 20/40/52)
screenshot.jpg A sentient machine, normally grown on Gallifrey, which gives its operator access to all of time and space. Its basic shape of a small grey box conceals a timelord great secret...it's larger on the inside...

Release Day

I have real life commitments until late this evening, so there is no need to keep emailing me asking when I will release files. They will get released when they get released.

I have ended up rewritting nearly all the wave 3 code..which is not what I had planned, made a ton of extra work. But I think the benefit will be worth it.

This has caused some stability issues and additional code changes and testing is still required on these objects.

I have not simply updated objects to late night, i have added a ton of code...approx length of shared script core is now about 40,000 lines. Sick I know. Some are small changes like fobwatch opening and closing. Or custom skill that required major changes.

I have not decided what will/wont be released yet...or how long I will need to delay. And won't until I get home and examine test results from testers and examine code.

But since I did promise, in the event I do delay release anyone who just really wants to get their hands dirty and wishes to play around, can email me with a request to access files that are available. I will post the links in this post to the files, late tonight, and those who cannot wait and wish to test out some will be given the opportunity.

ONLY IF!!!!!

Understand they are BETA
No Support given
Use them in a sandbox testing Enviroment aka no saving unless they understand consequences.
One shot deal.

 At worst I suspect no more than a delay until Friday So that I have a couple of days off from real world stuff to plug through, so for best experience, better to wait. I will be starting Wave 4 as soon as I have finished all this updating.


Updating Links

I will be updating the download links throughout the week. The individual files should only ever need to be downloaded separately if I update the appearance or other physical change. Downloads will also be packaged as single downloads per wave.

To avoid confusion, all files will be password protected until April 30th, and will be released if stable. If a file still asks for a password after April 30, it means there is an issue with the SCRIPT and I will be releasing the item as soon as bug(s) are fixed.

Any old copies of files, should be removed completely. I recommend using a save game that has never been affect by any of my previous mods, and as this will be a public beta release, you may wish to use a seperate testing save game until mod has been out for awhile in case any bugs pop up.


April 29, 2011

Mona Lisa Painting

Mona Lisa Painting
screenshot.jpg This is the genuine Mona Lisa, though someone had written 'This is a Fake' on the back.

T.A.R.D.I.S. Workbench

T.A.R.D.I.S. Workbench
screenshot.jpg Need to fix or build a new Sonic Device? Maybe upgrade your K-9 unit? Then this is the bench for you.

Crown of Rassilon

Crown of Rassilon
screenshot.jpg Given to the candidate upon his instatement to Lord President. Gives wearer unrestricted access to all the knowledge of the Timelords through the Matrix.

Coronet of Rassilon

Coronet of Rassilon
screenshot.jpg Once worn by President Borusa, amplified his will giving him domination over the wills of others.