April 19, 2011

RIP Elizabeth

It is being reported that Elizabeth Sladen best known as Sarah Jane Smith has past away today from complications with cancer. I'm sure a lot of people like myself have been saddened by this, my deepest sympathy to her family.

April 18, 2011

Small Thanks

Wanted to quickly thank everyone for not over whelming me with questions and emails the last couple weeks. I know many have been waiting a long time to use these again and I am working hard to get them ready between commitments.

I have changed a great deal more code than I had planned, but I think it makes everything run smoother and more straight forward and will be enjoyable. Plus it opens up for future things because of the way I have changed my approaches to TimeLord Sims.

April 30th is still the public release date, no change. Though my testers are probably getting frustrated at how much I keep changing and breaking lol.

I have decided to take down the link for donations until after April 30th. As I do not wish people to think I will delay mods and feel ripped if make donations. However I will not be updating any files beyond Late Night unless donations provide the funds to aquire additional expansions or I eventually pickup a copy cheap.

For those interested in the details of what is changing read bellow.