April 12, 2011

Everything is on track!

Everything is going well, I have repaired all the package files for Wave 1-3 and have sent out files for bug hunting to testers. I took the opportunity to go back and take a fresh look at some of the underlying structure of my mods and have heavily modified some existing code to open it for future changes, this may cause a couple days of additional bug fixes but I don't for see any delays.

So far I don't see any reason all features will not work once again with late night. I am very curious about Sims 3 Generations, specifically the new occult class. I assume it will be zombies..if anyone learns anything in this regards, whether privately or publicly I would love to hear about it.

I suspect I will be announcing a public/early preview release date for wave 4 on April 30th, you may see the wave 4 mod change logs updating between now and then, as I will be working on them over the next 2 weeks. Once I finish, hopefully this week with wave 3 and its new features and bug fixes.