October 16, 2011

Just a quick post...

I have been emailed a lot of questions over the last week, and frankly I haven't had time to email everyone. But common questions seem to be:

When will Pets be supported?
> Soon. Depends on how much code is changed. Mostly it will be time consuming finding the bugs, more than fixing time.

When will Wave 4 be considered done?
>I have a couple people testing to see what features are working/broken or needing fixed before moving on. It doesn't appear to be many left, so I will hopefully release a patch in a few days/maybe less.

What's coming next?
>I will be mapping it out this week, and expanding the listings under wave 5.

Then there are the usual mod requests, bugs, feature requests etc. Nothing that hasn't been asked or addressed before. Common questions seem to be about K9 & Fixed Point. Not sure why lol. K9 is planned, I'm just waiting for a good way to implement movement, NPC stuff. I will be testing some NPC stuff out in wave 5, so we will see how that goes. Fixed point.....will be implemented...soon.

I have some other website changes coming this week, so if something seems messed up wait 10 min.

I also have some small mods I will be releasing over the next couple weeks, that haven't been posted before.

So some cool stuff coming.


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