October 4, 2010


Sorry folks, I have just been swamped and it looks like I will be for the next 2 weeks. So I have to pull the expected release dates. I will still be posting this wave before updating to Late Night even if I have the expansion before release, though I don't expect it to be that long of a delay.

And to top it off seems when I used my posting software I posted the next 2 banners for wave 5 & 6, oops my bad. So yes I will confirm Wave 5 will be : TimeLord Secrets. It will expand the becoming a Timelord from the simple scrolls to the Tomb of Rassilon, and will have new changes and tech for gaining regen cycles etc. And traps lol. Black scrolls will be changed to reflect these changes, and be a bit for fun to go after the status of timelord.

Wave 6: New New New Earth, will contain Cassandra, Skin Tank and cloning and mood potions etc. So some of the in development objects will be part of this wave.

Both 5 & 6 Will require Late Night. After these, I have 3 waves left planned out in my head from when I sat down and mapped out 10 waves for Sims 3, 2 require NPCs so i am hoping Animation becomes a better option soon. I will post again around the 12th, i should know better when I will have the commissioned projects I am working on completed. And once again have some free time, and not doing 3 jobs at once lol. DragonSire