September 17, 2010

For Fun..

Yes this counts as contest.. please don't cheat. Have fun.

4 Quotes From Doctor Who, All use same Letter Swaps. D = I  

D qtshuwqh qxdo yhmqpub apq D ftm'q hmjtb dq.

D qxdmg btp'ss ndmf Odu, qxwq D'c epwsdndhf qt fhws ldqx iuwyqdywssb hrhubqxdmv, dn D yxttoh.

Hrhubqxdmv qxwq xwiihmo dm sdnh xwo w oydhmqdndy hkiswmwqdtm, dn btp sttg ntu dq.

Dq chwmo dq'o advvhu dmodfh qxwm tpq

A couple people have sent me the correct answers, firs t was Beatle Oasis, so congratz. I will leave the puzzle up for fun if anyone just feels like doing it.

Addressing wrong information

This is long..addressing issue on forum. Don't waste time if not interested in rumors.

Recently, and not for the first time..information..or in this case wrong information was accredited to me by one of my testers. This individual has lost there privileges or burden lol whichever way you want to see it for testing anything in the future. I wont continue the nonsense/drama by mentioning what forum this took place or exactly what was said but a few key this were mentioned, and to those who were involved in the discussions, I want to say I'm sorry, and I am going to clarify now.....

September 15, 2010

Late Night & Input Needed for Cracks in Time etc

Just finished doing some reading, seems next ep reintroduces inside platforms...grr. Oh well only spent hours trying to come up with a way to get around this when doing console room....on the bright side...will make it possible to build console rooms much easier, and more accurate.

Vampires now float while in much for dumb. Though should make it easy to do a zero room.

Right now I am working on SHADA and a few issues involving Tardis traveling to and from use of the book...once I have that worked out and code integrated into console I will release the console, so that way I don't need to keep changing it. I have sent out the final decor version to a couple testers to see how they feel about it, and will be sending out the finalized codes tonight or tomorrow and once i get the okay I will pop the file up.

Input Time...

September 13, 2010

Groovy Baby, YEAH!....Sorry buddy of mine made me watch it today lol

***Few people emailed asking how prisoner, could be stored but not in household and here's a better video.

Quick Answers

To answer a few repeating emails I am getting...

Ice Hot!


I made some changes to the TARDIS house lot. I didn't change anything on the website I just replaced the file so just download it again if you want the new version. I fixed a bug that may have caused an install issue for some, so if you had trouble definitely re-download. I also made a few changes to the adventure as well as re-designing the console room to more closely resemble the real thing.

Here is the link to download.