September 11, 2010

Wave 4: Exclusive

I have just completed the primary functions of the first Exclusive for Wave 4. For those who remember the inflatable energy prison from Trochwood: Day One, the small device Owen used and then Gwen to trap the girl in. I have created this. The Device prevents a sim from exiting the field, and can only be deactivated by the sim who set the device. I Initally planned to only allow the power to last an hour....but I may leave it as indefinite...not decided yet.

SO those who have already donated will receive this when wave 4 is released. Or have/do win a trivia or other contest before release date. So the next riddle:

Once there was many of my kind, until only I remained. Even my own brother turned against me, wishing my imprisonment, as he was not willing to kill me. I was known by many names,  all were feared. Who was I?

Only the first will be accepted, no hints.

Winner : Juan Carlo T. de Guia


September 10, 2010


Hi everyone. I created a lot that you can place in your game that has a full TARDIS interior in the sub basement of a large house. It is an alternative to using Dragonsire's dome and allows you to have a full tardis completely out of site. I also set it up as a small tomb adventure so you get to explore and there are rewards as well as danger so I think you will enjoy it. Check it out by following this link.

You will need to link the inside door and replace the console once final version released as they have changed but instructions are included. I hope you all enjoy it!

Couple Things

No Updated Console yet sorry folks, but it will be worth the wait, I just added some great features:
  • Animated Rotor
  • 30+ Container Slots
  • Turn On/Off Light Emmision
  • Link & Spawn From Tardis
So no rest for the wicked here. Also Wave 4 has been started, got a couple objects done and/or started. Pretty exciting stuff, if your into having to remove a Hologram entrance to somewhere for example. lol You can see the Wave 4 section for info, and the current change log features for the objects, where listed.

Special thanks to AFT Dowloads, they gave me permission a while back to use images from there Doctor Who Creations, and you will be seeing a few coming up in future waves etc.. I will post perma links soon to this wonderful site.

Also I can't remember who but someone suggested I make the GNOME the actual grave for the SIM when TCE is used to kill them. So since I am using there awesome suggestion this Waves Exclusive (not yet decided) will be available to that person.. I believe the comment was made in friend connect which i removed lol...but I'm sure I can find it, but if u made the suggestion post comment and remind me or drop me an email.

September 9, 2010

Small Update

Here is a small update to shared script:

This has most debug messages removed, and  Door Menu Returned.

Also here is the Decor Version of the Console:

I will try to post the working version before the weekend if I can.


September 8, 2010

T.A.R.D.I.S. Interior Building Troubleshooting

Since I have gotten a lot of requests about this..I'll try and simplify this. The PDF lists how to build, and how to properly place the doors. A lot of people are not bothering to read... some do...but many haven't. So I will try and explain, and if people still have issues I WILL TRY and change the PDF to be more STEP BY STEP instead of general.

September 7, 2010

Wave 3 Bugs

Ok seems some people didn't realize or forgot etc that they need to have updated there shared script file for wave 3, and are still using the Pre-Release version. This could cause some rather bad issues, please make sure you have updated.

I will be implementing a new download template today or tomorrow that will I hope make it clearer as to what features are fixed/added to script core for each update.

JUST SO I AM CLEAR, each download mod is simply the in game object, the features and custom scripts are all part of the shared script. I will be posting an update to it as well over the next day or so.

Easy way yo tell if you updated is when you click on an inside door, if you see a menu, its a pre-release scipt your using as it got disabled in error.

Also make sure u have replaced all pre-release files. As I have said before things got change and will cause objects not to function properly.

*** UPDATE ***
I have updated my template generator & uploading software for the new downloads templates. I hope this makes more sense to everyone, as the version in the chnage log now refers to code addtion/change in the script core and the dowload is simply the object. So unless there is a model change you should only ever need to update script file.

The Script File Download Template Table still need to be updated, and will be doing that sometime soon, to be ready for when the new expansion is released and supported.

A few people have emailed that they can't enter the interior...not sure what may be happening, but I will try and reproduce it before i post a bug fix...likely tomorrow. Should be self linking when spawned form tardis..though the exit menu is missing from door lol.

Also I may post the DECOR version of the Tardis Console tomorrow as well. Then once script changes are completed you shouldn't have to redownload. I should note The Console is mostly empty....because I have added  15 -20 small/medium  container slots to allow decoration how a person wishes, and I may in the future release console machines etc to be placed on this console and when/if I do others.


September 5, 2010

T.A.R.D.I.S. Coral (Revealed) & Quick Blurb Wave 4 & Console.

Since someone has figured it out, I will no reveal the answer. This information will be updated in the PDF in a few days.

I have said it a few times but I will say it again, I know about the debug messages still present and will be releasing patches next day or so..please stop emailing me lol I need a bit of a breather...been flat out for weeks. Console will be released soon, no day set...before wave 4 work will begin. If you have features you would like to see added that involves Temporal Traps...Cracks in Time etc..u can email them to me...though I have most of the wave planned out in my head I am always open to new ideas.

I have been asked about other Tardis Variations, example TTCapsule, Masters 11th Doc etc... I took all that into consideration when designing the TimeCapsule System and yes it is more than doable, in some cases just a few lines would be needed and the mod...but if / when I do them will be when it is appropriate to the wave I am doing.

A couple people have asked me about the Doctor Himself...I hate clothing modeling. And I am not great at doing face likenesses. Though I have thought about it, and I'm sure I could do some interesting mods with them...right now its not happening anytime soon. And I'm sorry i don't know of anyone making them that are not simply ingame sorta likenesses. For me I'd need them to have there full outfit and likeness not similar clothes and sort of lol to provide links to 3rd party sites, or incorporate them into my mods. Example Regen or Events.

So now for the Answers, Please don't read further if you wish to figure it out yourself.

River's Sonic Screwdriver

River's Sonic Screwdriver
screenshot.jpg The Doctor gave her his sonic screwdriver...he intended to save her.

River's Joural of Impossible Things

River's Joural of Impossible Things
screenshot.jpg It has always been a speculation as what her diary might contain, is this the real diary, The Doctor's Journal of Impossible things from his time as a human?

T.A.R.D.I.S. Coral

Okay So no one has yet found the coral. I'm shocked. Seems rather obvious to me lol. A few have asked just to know...well that is not much fun.. So here's what I am going to do:

I announced last wave a prize for the person who could answer my riddle, and would receive it during WAVE 4. So here's what going to happen. Each WAVE from 4+ will contain 1 EXCLUSIVE MOD. In most cases it will be simply a variation of an existing object. But not always. Throughout development of each wave I will have little contests and things. Winners will get access to the exclusive, or access to the exclusives released prior. Donators will receive access to all exclusives past and future. So the few who have donated towards Late Night expansion etc, will auto receive access..though this is not the is for the contest winners, I feel it only fair to those who do go the extra step in acquiring update expansions be rewarded.

SO, with that said...this will be the first contest for Wave 4: Exclusive. (I will try to have at least 1 a week) And please no cheating!

Here's the 1st clue:
As the only remaining shard of a Tardis, it would need to be HIDDEN, PROTECTED, Out of the hands of REGULAR SIMS. It's all a matter of perception.

2nd Clue:
Time is not a factor...only Space. In order for something to be where you expect, it must first have been there to begin with. Sometimes its good to replace the old with something new...

3rd Clue:
A single action can show you the path, once followed you must all make a choice.

4th Clue:
Not everyone may have one, though every one can. For in the exchange of many for the return of one, may find conceals more than it may have once had.

5th FINAL Clue:
It was there in the beginning, it will be there in the end. But it may change many times, as I once said.

Anyone who wishes to give up, NO Anonymous Posters, say "I give up!" in the comments and I will click your name, and use your contact page...only if you have 1, and send u the answer.

Sorry for the debug notifications that remain... was rushing with the power coming and going to get done, and will remove tonight  or tomorrow.

Exhibit A: The lazy downloader

I posted numerous times that the components for the T.A.R.D.I.S. Key/Power/Chameleon/Demat Circuit where needed for using it. I mentioned why it is VERY important to download all files. Instead I got about 6 emails from people who only downloaded the Tardis and wandering why is not showing up, or asking where to find the coral, and 1 told me I only want the Tardis so I didn't download anything else......

I will at some point have to make the dumb down loader button where all files are in it so I don't get these messages. But its much easier and better for me to be able to change a single file or post if need be, so as I mentioned before I may change the templates to include full package DL. Though some will still just click the 1 file they want, even if the 2 below it are needed to be used with it lol.

One of these days I may put in a really really bad function...and tell everyone...Whatever you do don't press the RED button, and then watch how many people do.... maybe then people will take 2 min before they just jump in.

IF people do not wish to download an object don't! But the files are released as a WAVE for a reason. They interlink. So if you don't bother with getting all the files and something shows up as a BIG WHITE BOX or worse. Don't email me about it. Cause I'm not helping you fix your game.