August 26, 2010

The Doctor's Psychic Paper

The Doctor's Psychic Paper
screenshot.jpg What do you mean it's blank?

Wave 4: Teaser

I'm certainly not going to give everything away, and I am not going to go into a great deal of detail until after Wave 3 has been publicly released in its fullness lol. But I promised.

A couple of the things that will be making there reappearance, 1 will be the re-release of River's Books from Sims 2, a new sonic with new features, at least 2 forms of imprisonment, and something I have been eager to get to which will have some really cool functions....A Dispersal Chamber! (Also possible to force Sim to regenerate and experience deaths)  


Happy Birthday David!

One of my good buddies, and youngest and hardest working tester is having his 18th Birthday today! Congratz!

He has put in numerous play testing hours with all mods since some of the SIMS 2 mods and continues to be someone I have come to trust and rely upon for suggestions, ideas and sometimes requests that cause me nothing but hours of work lol. You can thank him for the console set that's coming... cause I really wasn't gonna lol

So if you have enjoyed any of my mods I ask you to say a little thanks today.


Now That I am little more awake today..

A couple things I may have over looked to mention. The T.A.R.D.I.S. is buyable only for prerelease. How you earn it is really cool, and leads to a bit of a spoiler and hint for some things that are coming. This features is removed from code all together in order for no one to be spoiled.

The components system are set to a condition during pre-release for testing only. This will change. This will make more sense latter.

I had to disable a number of functions  due to 1 or 2 things that I thought might cause problems or were needed by something not yet included or enabled. This is a field test, wet the whistle sort of test. I will be enabelling all functions to the pre-release before the end of August. So keep your pasword handy. As it will be used to get the more uptodate functions. However the event with the T.A.R.D.I.S will not be included until Sept 4th.

I am not giving ANY support to these pre-releases. SO please don't ask. Just test play and enjoy.

As for custom sounds, make sure you read the guide here to see where these files should go if u haven't already.

Lastly not all the links provided are the same as the links through here, as some files got changed.


Pre-release is away!

I have sent about 40 emails...if I missed u and you have been active, and u PREVIOUSLY emailed me your address forgive me, I'm exhausted lol.

If you posted in the last week and liked me for years, or were unable to post for whatever reason... I appreciate the interest, and you can enjoy the public release on the 4th.

Incase of any issues this is the email I have sent:

T.A.R.D.I.S. Release info Please Read Carefully.

Do Not Download Files IF PRE-RELEASE FILES make you uncomfortable
Do Not Download And Ask for support, it will not be given.
Do Not Download And expect everything to be enabled..its not.
Do Not Save With Active test Files.

Some features are missing.
Some Objects are missing.
Secret Event is missing.

There are bugs.
There are likely still debug messages in game files.

Most things work great.

Public Proper Release Date is Sept 4th. This is a preview release only.




All objects, special events etc will be  available at public release time. I would encourage everyone who wants the full experience to wait, but for those who recieve the emails and decide to download the files. I hope you enjoy.

August 25, 2010

Today is the Pre-Release Day of Wave 3: Tardis

Those who who have not yet received there email, there is a simple reason. I haven't sent them out yet, so no fretting. It will likely be very late in the day, possible the early hours of the night, as I am not home until very late tonight and there's things I still need to do yet.

Those who do receive the passwords I ask you not to post comments on specific details or bugs Direct all this to me directly.

Please no emails asking time/when/what or anything else in regards to pre-release. I will make a final post on the matter once passwords are released. I have numerous emails to send out (manually) so if I make an error and forget someone etc please wait and if you have not received an email by tomorrow evening, then drop me an email tomorrow evening, and I will make sure to get u the password right away. Please do not send requests tonight, as I have said it may be very late when I finish up.

This is by far the most interconnected and complicated mod(s) I have ever done. There is a wide variety of things that can go wrong, and I have found and fixed all the ones I have come a crossed so far, but I'm sure there will be others. So please if your not comfortable with pre-release mod(s), don't download the files...wait until the 4th. Remember this early release is only happening because I know how many have been looking forward to this and are anxious.

I have additional features planned, as waves progress. And have made a huge effort to have additional features added without breaking Tardis...i hope lol.

I will post the wave 4 details tomorrow night, as I suspect I just wont have the time tonight to get to it...but we shall see.


August 22, 2010

Wave 3 Release Date(s)

Well the day is almost up and I promised a date today so I figured I might as well take a break and come on here and post lol.

All went well, unfortunately there is still too much left to do to be released this weekend. Worst part, I am not sure if I will have any available time until the middle of the week to get back to this with any amount of time. So I have decided on a compromise of sorts.

August 25th I will release the early-release of wave 3 to all those who have sent me there info in accordance to previous posts. I will be periodically uploading the release files and updating the mod(s) Information over the next few days, so if your wandering what will be released you can keep an eye out for which mods info gets updated lol. All the links will be valid but will have a password. I will be sending out the password to access these files that evening, to the email contacts I have on file.

If I have not had time to complete everything, I will still release the password to all the files that have been uploaded to that point. I know the main question everyone has reading this is: Will the Tardis be delayed? NO. It is complete. I have more functions I would like to add as I learn how to do some more things, but for now it is finished, only some minor code changes are needed and they will be completed well before then.

Any files not posted at that time will be posted on the public release date of September 4th. There will be no further posts until release date other than updates to individual mod(s) info and links for the files being released on Wednesday.

As far as the Next Wave goes, I will post that info on Wednesday as well. I'm rather eager to get to it, as I have delayed creating 1 of the objects since wave 2 as I knew I would be doing this wave and it would fit better. or perhaps that's my sadistic side coming out (hint hint lol)

We'll its time to get back to work, still a couple hours left in me lol