August 20, 2010

Site Distruction Aborted lol

Okay after some major headaches, I'm happy with the primary layout. I still have some things to change , and tweak but most are small things that I will just pick away at over time.

Was driving me crazy that some of the script were causing load problems, and that some widgets were simply not functioning. I re-enabled the followers widget it seems to be working again, so that's a good sign.

I'm not real happy with the menu location, it wouldn't function properly when I placed it somewhere else...and I am not sure why...

But in any event, every things seems to be back its back to modding I go.


August 19, 2010

Sorry The Jumping Layout Changes

Decided to make a couple changes since layout had been hacked all to pieces, and adding new features from blogger was becoming increasingly difficult. Unfortunately, 1 change became 5, became complete chaos. I will likely be making changes throughout the day, possibly the week until I get comfortable with the new layout.

Sorry for any issues as a result.

Just a reminder to all the new people discovering the blog, when they encounter something they are unsure is a bug or by design, or is in fact a bug.. please do not post these questions in the comments section, but address them directly to me, that way if I need more information I am not cluttering up the comments section.

August 18, 2010

Final Preview Wave 3

*** Okay everyone this is the last preview image/video for wave 3. As previously announced date would be approx Sunday August 22, 2010. It is looking like I may need to push this back some, not due to any scripting problems, but mainly do to some last minute additions, and I don't know if everything will fit into my timetable yet or not.. If all goes very well delay may or may not be needed. However I will announce a firm date on the evening of Aug 21 as I will know better then.

Sept / Oct we have a new expansion coming out. Late Night for those who haven't heard.

Upon release, once I have acquired a copy I will post new files that are supported by the expansion. I will leave old files available...however no additional features or fixes will be provided for them. I will be changing the download templates to help make this more clear when the time comes. I have received a couple donations already, for this expansion. So all is looking well for an early purchase. Since it is got vampires in it. You can expect I'll be doing something cool for the TimeLord's oldest enemies.

However that is still aways off and I hope to release at least 1 more wave before then lol. I will be announcing this as per usual on release day.

We are almost at the end of previous Sims 2 mods list. Not many left to go lol. Not to worry I still have many many plans. In fact there is a really interesting thing that will be alluded to this wave...and it is part of a very important element of Wave 3 that has not been revealed, and will not be until someone has found it. Then I will explain to everyone how to trigger it. No clues or hints will be provided further on this. I do not want it ruined for anyone. Seek and ye shall find.


Little Closer....

*** We're getting there lol.

If Anyone has access to the Tardis Model Book, the paper model of the Inside of the Tardis...and would be able to scan the grating and perphaps the pillar...hell as much as they would be a great far I have had no luck and to order it would delay any kind of release by at least another 7-10 days.

August 16, 2010

Quick Scale Test

*** Doing some sizing before continuing to work on meshes & textures. The Tardis is a stand in for the inside doors, everything else is just rough mods  until ALL scripting is done. These may or may not be the only walls I do, bu the others may just be textured...not sure yet. Trying not to delay this will have to see.

Small Quicky Contest

So finally taking a bit of a break from meshing...I meshed this once damned if I can find it....and a few other models argh...oh well nothing like a dozen hours of re-meshing  lol.

This is the first small contest I am doing, its simple and the future there will be greater challenges//but for now my brain is tired. However the first to get this right will be rewarded, but they will not find out how, along with a few others until wave 4. (Sorry Wave 3 is just getting to big lol)

And yes the sad part is I have wave 4 mapped out already. I decided the full wave today actually. No rest for the wicked I guess lol.

Anyways for a bit of fun...and just to see who comes here that is clever I give u a riddle...

 I was made broken. There were once many like me, and though they were only a pale shade of me, there power was great. We carried both men and woman alike, though they were not always aware of it. I have heard rumors of another the color of the sky....but they are not like me.

Please do not email me the answer as i might overlook it.

What Am I?