August 14, 2010

Gotta get back in time....

Quick Update on Wave 3

As promised I would give the release date for both public and pre-release this week. Well I keep my word lol...or I try at least.

Development has gone very well so far, and the hardest code is behind me. i suspect to have 80% - 90% of scripting done by the end of the weekend, if all goes well, and everything goes to schedule I will be releasing wave 3 approx Aug 22nd. Possibly earlier, possibly later hence the Approx lol.

Public release will follow 10 days from date of release. Everyone who has in the past actively taken part in the site will be provided the password to the early release. Since I know here are those who have been taking part in polls, and or posted anonomous, I can't know for sure who these people are...and frankly I'm just not that worried about it. I'm not anyone's moral center or judge, so anyone who provides me an email address and tells me they have been active that's good enough for me.

This is just a method of cutting down on pull and runs, and discouraging that behavior. Its pretty easy to simply say thanks if nothing else. I do this for dedicated Who Fans, and I love ideas...even if I have to drag em out of ya sometimes lol. If I was merely interested in numbers etc...I'd release on Mod the Sims or another huge site. I make mods cause i love Doctor Who and I enjoy seeing people excited and happy. Not simply numbers.

Anyone contacting me after release date will be too late. I will compile the list from those who drop me an email...I am only doing this to try and be fair. Anyone who does so, I ask to do it I don't want anyone publicly posting there email addresses.

Anyone not wishing to do so, or knows there only interested in being a download leech lol, can wait the 10 days and download at there leisure. Going forward all waves will be delayed 2 weeks to non active people. This is the only time I am allowing people to send me there emails, this is a one time deal.

I will be posting a small poll, and maybe a mini quiz or puzzle before then. To give everyone a fair chance to post or take interest.

So for now, that's all everyone.

Back soon with a release :)


August 13, 2010

Fallowout Who: The Last Child of Gallifrey - Released Tomorrow

An incredibly talented and creative buddy of mine, is ready to release his project to the public. Tomorrow comes the much anticipated release of a project that has spanned nearly 16 months. Anyone who has enjoyed Doctor Who, both past, present and future will find something in this mod that he will enjoy. I mean where else are you ever going to be able to pilot the Tardis?...if your good enough!

With any project there may be a few bumps, but have no doubt you will not regret trying this wonderful narrative mod.

August 9, 2010

Wave 3 Exaplained (Frequent Questions)

Thank you to all the recent commenters and those who have taken the time to send me there ideas for the T.A.R.D.I.S. wave.