July 31, 2010

A Message To Everyone Regarding Sims 2 Mods

Okay apparently there are still people coming here to download these files as I am still, getting emails about these now and again. I am sorry to say these HAVE not been supported or updated in well over a year. At the time of my last update there were bugs that had got introduced with patches and expansions and never got fixed, and some models that got released that simply were rushed.

Currently I do not have access to the Sims 2, nor do I have the time or ambition. I am focusing on updating these to Sims 3 versions and adding new and exciting features. If you want some great Doctor Who mods from me, I suggest to switch because they will and are coming.


Looking for Input

Alright everyone this will be my last post for a bit as I am off to work on Wave 3: T.A.R.D.I.S. As with the Sims 2, I will try to replicate as many of those features as is possible with the expansions we have and tools available.

I have a T.A.R.D.I.S. Basic Object in the Sims3 now, and am working out the functions...yes already lol. It does have animated doors.. I don't know about sounds. When I am still looking for information to allow this, as so far my attempts haven't been greats..but honestly I haven't really sat down and just looked at it yet. NO functions are done yet,as it took a while to cleanup the old model and get a workable object in the game. But I will be starting coding very soon but I plan to sit down while watching a movie later tonight and brain storm my ideas for wave 3.

So here is your chance to request features for a TIME CAPSULE...notice I didn't say a type 40 TARDIS. First the 2 biggest questions to me:

1. How would you like Time Travel (Not Location, Time) to be implemented?
- Immediate Time Affected, Sim Out of Play till arrive in Future, Travel back in time to affect own timeline (Similar to Time Machine I guess)..personally I don't think u should be able to affect your own timeline.

2. How earn T.A.R.D.I.S.?
- Some build interaction of some kind, Buy it, awarded from skism, grown, other

Don't request Travel, Inside of Tardis or Worlds. Not because I wont do them, but because I have already made up my mind when and if I will doing them, and you will see the results if and when I publish them.

Anything else is free to ask for, no guarantee you will get it. but it must relate to The Votex, Void, Time or Timelord tech involved in.

Suggestions will be accepted for at least a week. If detailed email it (as I know a lot of you seem to be fond of lol) if not post here and maybe it will inspire ideas from others.


July 30, 2010

Sims 3: TimeLord Science Released!

Hope everyone enjoys my latest release. Lots of new things for your Timelords to do. As with all my mods I will be adding features to these in the future. But enjoy them in the meantime. As with previous release, please consider them a public beta. Fixes will be addressed only if details are provided. Please make use of email for any reporting.

No Custom sounds. Unfortunately. As soon as I can figure out how to do this...it will be done!

Also with the release of this wave, I am please do announce Wave 3: Tardis!



Sorry everyone who is coming here to download mods for Sims 3 - I am in the process of updating the links. So please be patient and check back in a bit....may find something cool when you do.


Wave 1: Timelords

WAVE 1: TimeLords

July 27, 2010

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**This is what can happen when you piss of a woman with a Lazer!

The Sonic can fix the plumbing...but it doesn't do wood.
(Except Secret Doors)

July 25, 2010

Thanks to Everyone Who Tested

Thank you to everyone who reported issues the encountered with WAVE 1. With everything, not all requested features are possible, at least at this time due to limitations in either my knowledge..or the editing tools available.