June 12, 2010

Status Update

Okay so I get a lot of requests and questions about Sims 3, and instead of emailing again and again lol Just going to answer the questions I get most.

Am I going to release/update Sims 2 Doctor Who Mods?
> Short answer, not likely. If and when I begin modding again it will be for Sims 3

Why is there a Dalek/Cyberconversion mod of yours out in the wild but not posted here?
> BETAS, never supposed to be public, or special gifts.

Why did I stop updating?
>Personal situations and crazy busy work life. I have approx 16 software projects on the go, for businesses, personal, etc. Not including my day to day work.

King Maker Questions, what are the answers?
>I have posted most of them from time to time, but frankly there easy..google is your friend. So off the top of my head, OMEGA created the powersource for time travel, using a stellar manipulator refereed to as the HAND of OMEGA Exploded a star creating a black hole, known as the eye of Harmony,,,which Rassilon placed beneth the capital and used to creat time travel capabilities. Zagreus was a nursery rhyme, see Big Finnish Audio plays. You must obey the laws of time. ....cant remember the other questions.

Will I remake Sims 2 mods for Sims 3?
>I do not currently own any of the expansions, nor have I played them. Until I decide it is worth it to put out the cash to buy them, and then look into the state of modding I cannot really answer this. I will at some point make a Timelord Sim and Tardis, when it is possible, and I have the time and copies of the games.

Can I / Someone edit your mods and finish them?
>Not with my permission no. Mainly because there are mods out there for example the Dimmensional Stabilizers used to allow the Tardis to Travel, are specific in how they work and could cause MASSIVE issues, during testing they crashed a neighbourhood a couple times. Daleks invasion also relies on specific features and status of mods. Though these are not publicly posted, I cannot support them at this time if a conflict arrises. There are people who have, and will continue to modify my mods without permission and frankly ran into issues and wanted my help, and it just plain pissed me off that no had the decency to ask first. A few who did and made changes for themselves and remained private versions, I thought was nicely handled and had I continued working on them may have encorportated some of the changes. But I cannot support modification of my work, because I will not be responsible for corruption of SIMS, NEIGBOURHOODS, etc.

How am I?
>Good. Busy. Tired. Single .. and loving it! lol

How will you begin modding when you do?
> Likely I will create Sim Timelord First with regeneration. Next Tardis. Sonic Screwdriver. Then will depend on what base objects the game has, where modding is at, etc...but K9 soon after.

Do I accept bribes?
>lol no. I have received a doctor who figure once, and a couple offers for money to make x, but I don't look for or expect anything, I will release what I can when I can.

.....sure there are more..out of time, will update this again another time.