March 14, 2010

Leaked Program....

This is the kind of crap that really pisses me off. As a programmer / developer etc not all of what we create, or design gets out in the public, for various reasons. Usually because they fit specific personal uses, the code is messy, or just don't want to have to support them. I have written many programs, some public some restricted some that just sit on my computer.
The above photo is from a comic program I wrote....years back. Originally written in vb6 for those familiar, and updated to .net over the years, long before CDisplay, though it did not support zip files originally. It became one of those project that never got quite finished, and pulled out every year or so and modified or updated and then forgotten. Last year I decided to redesign it with a much broader prospect and features..themes and removable content packages for various comic companies characters etc. Above is the program using the Spider-Man theme, once my favorite character before Brand New Day. And actually one of the reasons I stopped working on it for a long time.
I had become frustrated that comic scans were still using only image archieves files without any order to them and wanted away to organize them, self linking to story summaries etc. So I had redesigned the core of it, added the option of a lot of content and management a decent program for the early stages it was in. A few weeks back a friend of mine borrowed one of my backup dvds, since there was another piece of software on it he needed, in his defense this is a common thing, and generally not an issue. Except on this occasion a nossey relation of his began looking through the various pieces of software on the disk and being a comic fan shared it with some friends, luckily it was the only software he decided to share.
I contacted the forum that had allowed it to be posted and they removed it quickly. From my understanding it had only been downloaded a handful of times, luckily, and the forum admin was contacting them to prevent any further sharing.
In the event that this does somehow get out, and anyone sees it posted somewhere I ask you to please contact me, it is not stable, and should not be used.

But this brings me to my main point. Anyone who develops software/mods/hacks etc puts there free time into them, usually at no financial gain. We depend on honest people to test and give us feedback. We all want the next cool new feature, hack etc, but we should respect those people enough to wait until they are ready. Just my opinion, and my rant of the day.

Sorry not SIMS Related :(