February 11, 2010

Sorry Not Blog News...But had to Share These photos!

One of a very appreciative visitors sent me some photos, with permission to share. Guess they remembered how much a fan I was of the Character Options Classic Doctor Who Line, as they are apparently floating around now he wanted me too know about them. Tried to hint for him to send me the figure instead...but something about getting something cut off he would prefer not too... THANKS AGAIN!

I peronally have the first 6 Doctors and 9 & 10. I built a small double shelf that sits on a dresser with lights to show them off (and others). I also almost finished my an external ESata 500GB Tardis case....just got to replace the led lights and finish putting on decals.....I like to be creative lol, but I finally find a Tardis available for a reasonable price, ordered  and should be here next week.. So will be interesting to see how close they are in appearance. I'm sure the toy will look better, but it doesn't have 500Gb of doctor who stuff in it lol.

Just missed out on getting a classic Cyberman, can't wait...being in Canada sucks for getting these. You end up paying 2-3 times the price sometimes....but for the 2 below ...don't matter cost I will get them lol. Take Care and Enjoy the pics!


And For those who have not yet seen the Ebay ProtoType and Teaser Floating Around: