January 13, 2010

Site once again Public

A few months back this blog was marked as private, for a number of reasons, mainly to do with time restraints on my part and other projects/business that was taking priority. Also it was because some had abused my mods by modifying them without permission / hotlinking directly to them from other sites, etc. I did not have the time/energy to try and come up with a method of hosting that would prevent this to my satisfaction.

I have been receiving requests for access both from this site as well as from other sites, and forums that I am a member of, and frankly it has become a bit of a bother so i have decided to address it.

Currently I am engaged in a few projects, mostly private business software and custom work, and have not done much in the way of modding for ...well a very long time, again mostly due to frustrations and lack of time. I have no idea what the current modding status of the SIMS 3 is. I have not seen any code, editors etc so I have no idea if it is now possible or not. And at this time I kinda don't want to know as I can not take the time to learn it.
I will be allowing this site to become public once again and allow access to the mods that were hosted here, but I fear this may lead to requests for updates, bug fixes or new releases, all of which time does not permit at this time. If this becomes an issue I will shut the doors completely until I have the time and energy to once again pursue this.

I have no idea which links if any are still active, I will be examining this site over the next week, when I can find the time, to try and sort out what works, and what does not. No guarantees, so if something don't work...don't ask. At least until I post that all links should work etc.

I know this may disappoint a few people, and I am sorry for that, but real life unfortunately requires top priority or we starve to death or our loved ones kick our ass for not spending enough time with them. I will be interested in getting back to modding in the future, once other projects are complete and time permits.