September 28, 2010

Updated Console File (No Script Update)

I have uploaded the updated console base game file, and I will be updating the WAVE 3 full package shortly. This still needs the updated core changes to work properly, and frankly I have gone through my code to see if I can safely turn off the WAVE 4 functions that would cause problems or conflicts without the game files, and I can't. My bad, sorry but that's life I guess.

So far I have enjoyed modding wave 4 files more than the others, mainly because its new things for the most part, I haven't tried before. I know some are not excited because its not some big thing from Doctor Who like a Tardis or Dalek, but personally I find the ability to kill your sim in a chamber cool...force them to trigger Regen useful, and hell stick em in a freezer until you need em convenient lol. Though burning them alive seems kinda cruel....

I think some are scared by the cracks...well I can 100% assure you before I release wave 4 there will be no destroy game code. Either you trigger the catastrophe or your don't. It wont and cannot trigger itself. I am still playing with code of how sims will be removed from game, and what affect it will have...I will go with the most stable approach over the should be nothing to fret over... And you will still be able to experience the cracks / pandorica without the event firing city wide if so choose.

So Come Pre-Release time, and assuming no delays it will contain the updates to the code for console, and those who get to play with the files will get 1 more thing to try out.

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