October 29, 2010

Post of the Not Dead

No News folks, just posting to let everyone know I'm still around, just unfortunately busy as hell. New stuff will come in time, and in a flood of items as usual lol. But not for a while. Sorry guys. DragonSire

October 4, 2010


Sorry folks, I have just been swamped and it looks like I will be for the next 2 weeks. So I have to pull the expected release dates. I will still be posting this wave before updating to Late Night even if I have the expansion before release, though I don't expect it to be that long of a delay.

And to top it off seems when I used my posting software I posted the next 2 banners for wave 5 & 6, oops my bad. So yes I will confirm Wave 5 will be : TimeLord Secrets. It will expand the becoming a Timelord from the simple scrolls to the Tomb of Rassilon, and will have new changes and tech for gaining regen cycles etc. And traps lol. Black scrolls will be changed to reflect these changes, and be a bit for fun to go after the status of timelord.

Wave 6: New New New Earth, will contain Cassandra, Skin Tank and cloning and mood potions etc. So some of the in development objects will be part of this wave.

Both 5 & 6 Will require Late Night. After these, I have 3 waves left planned out in my head from when I sat down and mapped out 10 waves for Sims 3, 2 require NPCs so i am hoping Animation becomes a better option soon. I will post again around the 12th, i should know better when I will have the commissioned projects I am working on completed. And once again have some free time, and not doing 3 jobs at once lol. DragonSire

September 28, 2010

Updated Console File (No Script Update)

I have uploaded the updated console base game file, and I will be updating the WAVE 3 full package shortly. This still needs the updated core changes to work properly, and frankly I have gone through my code to see if I can safely turn off the WAVE 4 functions that would cause problems or conflicts without the game files, and I can't. My bad, sorry but that's life I guess.

So far I have enjoyed modding wave 4 files more than the others, mainly because its new things for the most part, I haven't tried before. I know some are not excited because its not some big thing from Doctor Who like a Tardis or Dalek, but personally I find the ability to kill your sim in a chamber cool...force them to trigger Regen useful, and hell stick em in a freezer until you need em convenient lol. Though burning them alive seems kinda cruel....

I think some are scared by the cracks...well I can 100% assure you before I release wave 4 there will be no destroy game code. Either you trigger the catastrophe or your don't. It wont and cannot trigger itself. I am still playing with code of how sims will be removed from game, and what affect it will have...I will go with the most stable approach over the coolest...so should be nothing to fret over... And you will still be able to experience the cracks / pandorica without the event firing city wide if so choose.

So Come Pre-Release time, and assuming no delays it will contain the updates to the code for console, and those who get to play with the files will get 1 more thing to try out.

Download Link: http://www.4shared.com/file/dg1D4wqO/DS_DoctorWho_9thand10thDoctors.html

September 27, 2010

Unexpected Delay

Sorry ended up out of town unexpectedly. Will post console Mon or Tues. Approx. ..Next post will be download in any event.


September 24, 2010

No News is Good News

Works been hectic so no updates. I'll be posting the console Sunday, as well as a small update to core. Also I am announcing the release dates for wave 4

PRE-Release Oct 9th, 2010
PUBLIC Release Oct 17th, 2010.

Wave 4 Will be the last release before Late Night. Any bug fix(s) needing to be addressed will be posted around 22nd. After that no updates will be done. NONE. The Shared Core will be marked final for the current game version, and then once Late Night is out and I have got a copy I will update existing mods for late night as soon as it is possible and release that before starting on Wave 5. After that all mod changes/bug fixes new mods will require Late Night.

Still just over 1/2 the cost has been donated for next EP. So I will likely will not be pre-ordering, and will likely buy it off the shelf within a week or so of coming out, depending on stock, shouldn't be an issue long as they order enough stock. So no fear I will update mods to work with it as soon as I can.

Its funny I had a guy offer to send me a copy....burnt copy the day of release lol. I know very well how to torrent I have copies of games I have bought in ISO form, for backup..some without even the seals broken, just cause iso mounting and stuff is sooooo much easier. But i do believe in supporting good games...even if they are a bit over priced. BUT DRM is terrible. I wont install games with it...I will still buy the odd one...I bought Spore Pre-Release, but generally I wont install a game unless I have a cracked version because of that garbage. BUT I have to say I love Civilization Series...gonna play it tonight, after install...but I'm not fond of the the Steam crap. I buy a retail game, I don't want to install that crap. Sorry I realize a lot of people like steam...sorry just not a fan. Digital copies for the same cost as actual disks/case and books just doesn't make sense to me, and ANY callback software is intrusive. If I own 15 computers, and I want to install it on them all I should be able to.


September 20, 2010

A note about Recent Mod Listings

As you can see I have made a listing for Brain Canister & Skin Tank. Some will say pieces of Cassandra? Yes and No.

I got the idea when thinking about TimeLord Dispersal..aka Morbius..Decided to give option to become a brain in jar...reminded me of Cassandra...so i am merging the mods in a fashion.

A dispersed brain can be added to a skin tank to be alive...in a fashion similar to Cassandra. Only the brain canister is in wave 4. Skin Tank will be a future release.

This is not meant to replace Cassandra...but give her a home as such. more details on this when its time to address it for now...just brain canister. NO there will be no way to restore a brain to become a sim in wave 4. But it will be possible to regrow your body, in the released wave with skin tank. Think of Brain as a Urn, or TCE Gnome, Sim is still there...but not.


I Hate This Incarnation....It just has to go!

September 17, 2010

For Fun..

Yes this counts as contest.. please don't cheat. Have fun.

4 Quotes From Doctor Who, All use same Letter Swaps. D = I  

D qtshuwqh qxdo yhmqpub apq D ftm'q hmjtb dq.

D qxdmg btp'ss ndmf Odu, qxwq D'c epwsdndhf qt fhws ldqx iuwyqdywssb hrhubqxdmv, dn D yxttoh.

Hrhubqxdmv qxwq xwiihmo dm sdnh xwo w oydhmqdndy hkiswmwqdtm, dn btp sttg ntu dq.

Dq chwmo dq'o advvhu dmodfh qxwm tpq

A couple people have sent me the correct answers, firs t was Beatle Oasis, so congratz. I will leave the puzzle up for fun if anyone just feels like doing it.

Addressing wrong information

This is long..addressing issue on forum. Don't waste time if not interested in rumors.

Recently, and not for the first time..information..or in this case wrong information was accredited to me by one of my testers. This individual has lost there privileges or burden lol whichever way you want to see it for testing anything in the future. I wont continue the nonsense/drama by mentioning what forum this took place or exactly what was said but a few key this were mentioned, and to those who were involved in the discussions, I want to say I'm sorry, and I am going to clarify now.....

September 15, 2010

Late Night & Input Needed for Cracks in Time etc

Just finished doing some reading, seems next ep reintroduces inside platforms...grr. Oh well only spent hours trying to come up with a way to get around this when doing console room....on the bright side...will make it possible to build console rooms much easier, and more accurate.

Vampires now float while in bed....so much for coffins...how dumb. Though should make it easy to do a zero room.

Right now I am working on SHADA and a few issues involving Tardis traveling to and from use of the book...once I have that worked out and code integrated into console I will release the console, so that way I don't need to keep changing it. I have sent out the final decor version to a couple testers to see how they feel about it, and will be sending out the finalized codes tonight or tomorrow and once i get the okay I will pop the file up.

Input Time...

September 13, 2010

Groovy Baby, YEAH!....Sorry buddy of mine made me watch it today lol

***Few people emailed asking how prisoner, could be stored but not in household and return...so here's a better video.

Quick Answers

To answer a few repeating emails I am getting...

Ice Hot!


I made some changes to the TARDIS house lot. I didn't change anything on the website I just replaced the file so just download it again if you want the new version. I fixed a bug that may have caused an install issue for some, so if you had trouble definitely re-download. I also made a few changes to the adventure as well as re-designing the console room to more closely resemble the real thing.

Here is the link to download.




September 11, 2010

Wave 4: Exclusive

I have just completed the primary functions of the first Exclusive for Wave 4. For those who remember the inflatable energy prison from Trochwood: Day One, the small device Owen used and then Gwen to trap the girl in. I have created this. The Device prevents a sim from exiting the field, and can only be deactivated by the sim who set the device. I Initally planned to only allow the power to last an hour....but I may leave it as indefinite...not decided yet.

SO those who have already donated will receive this when wave 4 is released. Or have/do win a trivia or other contest before release date. So the next riddle:

Once there was many of my kind, until only I remained. Even my own brother turned against me, wishing my imprisonment, as he was not willing to kill me. I was known by many names,  all were feared. Who was I?

Only the first will be accepted, no hints.

Winner : Juan Carlo T. de Guia


September 10, 2010


Hi everyone. I created a lot that you can place in your game that has a full TARDIS interior in the sub basement of a large house. It is an alternative to using Dragonsire's dome and allows you to have a full tardis completely out of site. I also set it up as a small tomb adventure so you get to explore and there are rewards as well as danger so I think you will enjoy it. Check it out by following this link.


You will need to link the inside door and replace the console once final version released as they have changed but instructions are included. I hope you all enjoy it!

Couple Things

No Updated Console yet sorry folks, but it will be worth the wait, I just added some great features:
  • Animated Rotor
  • 30+ Container Slots
  • Turn On/Off Light Emmision
  • Link & Spawn From Tardis
So no rest for the wicked here. Also Wave 4 has been started, got a couple objects done and/or started. Pretty exciting stuff, if your into having to remove a Hologram entrance to somewhere for example. lol You can see the Wave 4 section for info, and the current change log features for the objects, where listed.

Special thanks to AFT Dowloads, they gave me permission a while back to use images from there Doctor Who Creations, and you will be seeing a few coming up in future waves etc.. I will post perma links soon to this wonderful site.

Also I can't remember who but someone suggested I make the GNOME the actual grave for the SIM when TCE is used to kill them. So since I am using there awesome suggestion this Waves Exclusive (not yet decided) will be available to that person.. I believe the comment was made in friend connect which i removed lol...but I'm sure I can find it, but if u made the suggestion post comment and remind me or drop me an email.

September 9, 2010

Small Update

Here is a small update to shared script:

This has most debug messages removed, and  Door Menu Returned.

Also here is the Decor Version of the Console:

I will try to post the working version before the weekend if I can.


September 8, 2010

T.A.R.D.I.S. Interior Building Troubleshooting

Since I have gotten a lot of requests about this..I'll try and simplify this. The PDF lists how to build, and how to properly place the doors. A lot of people are not bothering to read... some do...but many haven't. So I will try and explain, and if people still have issues I WILL TRY and change the PDF to be more STEP BY STEP instead of general.

September 7, 2010

Wave 3 Bugs

Ok seems some people didn't realize or forgot etc that they need to have updated there shared script file for wave 3, and are still using the Pre-Release version. This could cause some rather bad issues, please make sure you have updated.

I will be implementing a new download template today or tomorrow that will I hope make it clearer as to what features are fixed/added to script core for each update.

JUST SO I AM CLEAR, each download mod is simply the in game object, the features and custom scripts are all part of the shared script. I will be posting an update to it as well over the next day or so.

Easy way yo tell if you updated is when you click on an inside door, if you see a menu, its a pre-release scipt your using as it got disabled in error.

Also make sure u have replaced all pre-release files. As I have said before things got change and will cause objects not to function properly.

*** UPDATE ***
I have updated my template generator & uploading software for the new downloads templates. I hope this makes more sense to everyone, as the version in the chnage log now refers to code addtion/change in the script core and the dowload is simply the object. So unless there is a model change you should only ever need to update script file.

The Script File Download Template Table still need to be updated, and will be doing that sometime soon, to be ready for when the new expansion is released and supported.

A few people have emailed that they can't enter the interior...not sure what may be happening, but I will try and reproduce it before i post a bug fix...likely tomorrow. Should be self linking when spawned form tardis..though the exit menu is missing from door lol.

Also I may post the DECOR version of the Tardis Console tomorrow as well. Then once script changes are completed you shouldn't have to redownload. I should note The Console is mostly empty....because I have added  15 -20 small/medium  container slots to allow decoration how a person wishes, and I may in the future release console machines etc to be placed on this console and when/if I do others.


September 5, 2010

T.A.R.D.I.S. Coral (Revealed) & Quick Blurb Wave 4 & Console.

Since someone has figured it out, I will no reveal the answer. This information will be updated in the PDF in a few days.

I have said it a few times but I will say it again, I know about the debug messages still present and will be releasing patches next day or so..please stop emailing me lol

..as I need a bit of a breather...been flat out for weeks. Console will be released soon, no day set...before wave 4 work will begin. If you have features you would like to see added that involves Temporal Traps...Cracks in Time etc..u can email them to me...though I have most of the wave planned out in my head I am always open to new ideas.

I have been asked about other Tardis Variations, example TTCapsule, Masters 11th Doc etc... I took all that into consideration when designing the TimeCapsule System and yes it is more than doable, in some cases just a few lines would be needed and the mod...but if / when I do them will be when it is appropriate to the wave I am doing.

A couple people have asked me about the Doctor Himself...I hate clothing modeling. And I am not great at doing face likenesses. Though I have thought about it, and I'm sure I could do some interesting mods with them...right now its not happening anytime soon. And I'm sorry i don't know of anyone making them that are not simply ingame sorta likenesses. For me I'd need them to have there full outfit and likeness not similar clothes and sort of lol to provide links to 3rd party sites, or incorporate them into my mods. Example Regen or Events.

So now for the Answers, Please don't read further if you wish to figure it out yourself.

River's Sonic Screwdriver

River's Sonic Screwdriver
screenshot.jpg The Doctor gave her his sonic screwdriver...he intended to save her.

River's Joural of Impossible Things

River's Joural of Impossible Things
screenshot.jpg It has always been a speculation as what her diary might contain, is this the real diary, The Doctor's Journal of Impossible things from his time as a human?

T.A.R.D.I.S. Coral

Okay So no one has yet found the coral. I'm shocked. Seems rather obvious to me lol. A few have asked just to know...well that is not much fun.. So here's what I am going to do:

I announced last wave a prize for the person who could answer my riddle, and would receive it during WAVE 4. So here's what going to happen. Each WAVE from 4+ will contain 1 EXCLUSIVE MOD. In most cases it will be simply a variation of an existing object. But not always. Throughout development of each wave I will have little contests and things. Winners will get access to the exclusive, or access to the exclusives released prior. Donators will receive access to all exclusives past and future. So the few who have donated towards Late Night expansion etc, will auto receive access..though this is not the purpose..it is for the contest winners, I feel it only fair to those who do go the extra step in acquiring update expansions be rewarded.

SO, with that said...this will be the first contest for Wave 4: Exclusive. (I will try to have at least 1 a week) And please no cheating!

Here's the 1st clue:
As the only remaining shard of a Tardis, it would need to be HIDDEN, PROTECTED, Out of the hands of REGULAR SIMS. It's all a matter of perception.

2nd Clue:
Time is not a factor...only Space. In order for something to be where you expect, it must first have been there to begin with. Sometimes its good to replace the old with something new...

3rd Clue:
A single action can show you the path, once followed you must all make a choice.

4th Clue:
Not everyone may have one, though every one can. For in the exchange of many for the return of one, may find conceals more than it may have once had.

5th FINAL Clue:
It was there in the beginning, it will be there in the end. But it may change many times, as I once said.

Anyone who wishes to give up, NO Anonymous Posters, say "I give up!" in the comments and I will click your name, and use your contact page...only if you have 1, and send u the answer.

Sorry for the debug notifications that remain... was rushing with the power coming and going to get done, and will remove tonight  or tomorrow.

Exhibit A: The lazy downloader

I posted numerous times that the components for the T.A.R.D.I.S. Key/Power/Chameleon/Demat Circuit where needed for using it. I mentioned why it is VERY important to download all files. Instead I got about 6 emails from people who only downloaded the Tardis and wandering why is not showing up, or asking where to find the coral, and 1 told me I only want the Tardis so I didn't download anything else......

I will at some point have to make the dumb down loader button where all files are in it so I don't get these messages. But its much easier and better for me to be able to change a single file or post if need be, so as I mentioned before I may change the templates to include full package DL. Though some will still just click the 1 file they want, even if the 2 below it are needed to be used with it lol.

One of these days I may put in a really really bad function...and tell everyone...Whatever you do don't press the RED button, and then watch how many people do.... maybe then people will take 2 min before they just jump in.

IF people do not wish to download an object don't! But the files are released as a WAVE for a reason. They interlink. So if you don't bother with getting all the files and something shows up as a BIG WHITE BOX or worse. Don't email me about it. Cause I'm not helping you fix your game.

September 4, 2010

Wave 3: T.A.R.D.I.S. Released (Mostly)

Here you go guys, files are now publicly available. If bugs as usual please email them, do not clutter up comments section. Need help read PDF FIRST. Otherwise ask. As a special bonus I have placed the the decor version of 1 of wave 4 files up aswell, it is only the decor version.....don't ask...no spoilers but it will change by release time, but for now enjoy.

I am updating the links should be available in just a moment.

Once someone figures out where coral is, and how to obtain I'll post the info publicly. After a little while, so people who want to try and find it can do so.

Also keep an eye out the next few days for small updates to shared script file as I have been pushing hard last couple....well months...I'm likely to have overlooked small things, so periodically I may make small changes.


Status Update

Storm Over, lots of power out everywhere...lost most of the day..power back...working hard....back after lol

***UPDATE 9:40PM

Okay I managed to get through most of the big stuff...so I will be posting the remaining files over the next hour. Then I will remove password. There are some small bugs remaining, nothing major and I will be tweaking them and posting an update in a day or so. All objects in wave will be available accept Tardis Console, as I am still trying to fix some really bad bugs, and I didn't want to delay further. It will be uploaded likely at the same time as the bug fixes, but we will see.

Most of the remaining bugs revolve around World Travel in regards to Companions traveling with you, so if you are a little on the safe side, just don't use any of the world travel menus.

The Tardis is NOT buyable you must find the coral, and trigger the teaser event. When you do receive the tardis it has components to be repaired...do not delete them..repair them.

There is also a puzzle to solve...choose your destiny!

READ THE PDF if you have questions. Those who simply download 1 or 2 things and just jump in...well be it on your head.

Also included some small bug fixes like, click regenerate, and name of the clone.


Wave: Necessary Shared Files

Wave: Shared

Hurricane Earl

Luckily me, I'm right in the middle of panic ville lol. Personally I suspect we will only get a tropical storm, but one never knows for sure. In any event I have been crazy extra busy so I'm still finishing things up and hence why no updates lately.

Unless we loose power or some such thing, I should still be able to get things completed in time..I hope lol.

Either way Public downloads will be available as planned, if bug fixing is still required for some things I will indicate and update a patch within a day or 2 depending on schedule.

Numerous changes since Pre-Release. Acquisition of Tardis is complete. Flashing light is working, Tardis Model and Texture changed, new demat / remat timing system. Not to mention all the travel features...can't believe some were unable to figure out how to prime the briode nebulizer lol


Wave 3: T.A.R.D.I.S.

Wave 3: T.A.R.D.I.S.

September 1, 2010

Wave 3: PreRelease Files are Unavailable

Wave 3 Pre-release files are no longer available. Password is temporarily not valid. Also site may experience moments of disruptions or changes over the next 48 hours.


August 30, 2010

Wave 3: Public Release Saturday Sept 4/2010

I keep getting emails asking, or requesting to download specific files,so I figure I had better post this again.

Public Release: Saturday Sept 4/2010

Anyone who received a pre-release password will have the opportunity to download early, and despite my previous comment I have decided it will have all features enabled. I only have 1 object to complete and then cleanup and some tweaking. So download will be available sometime this week, I just can't say when as I may run into issues of lack of time or coding problems. It is VERY important you delete all pre-release files as, many things were changed or not included in those files. Example Tardis Light was not included due to dematerialize problems etc.

I will release the PDF as usual, aswell as recommended builders guide for building the Tardis dome and console room, to ensure routing and that the hidden stairs that make the ramp work get placed properly.

Something was brought to my intention that people are picking and choosing files and then wandering why things do not work. Every object I create except for decor are generally highly involved with each other, it is important to do download all files. Since the code for all objects is contained in the shared core, it shouldn't create a problem if you don't but it can. Most objects are hard coded into the the core, and the scripts looks for specific object, not objects of type in all cases.

I would post files together but in the long run that doesn't help as I generally and functions from newer waves to older files as well. Example New Workbench allows you to build sonic screwdrivers etc. Normally this doesn't cause an issue where the coding is separate, but if a model change is required, i do not want to have to have everyone down the whole package if only 1 file changed. I may include a full package without shared core for quicker download, but it depends on if I have time to update my download posting template.


August 26, 2010

The Doctor's Psychic Paper

The Doctor's Psychic Paper
screenshot.jpg What do you mean it's blank?

Wave 4: Teaser

I'm certainly not going to give everything away, and I am not going to go into a great deal of detail until after Wave 3 has been publicly released in its fullness lol. But I promised.

A couple of the things that will be making there reappearance, 1 will be the re-release of River's Books from Sims 2, a new sonic with new features, at least 2 forms of imprisonment, and something I have been eager to get to which will have some really cool functions....A Dispersal Chamber! (Also possible to force Sim to regenerate and experience deaths)  


Happy Birthday David!

One of my good buddies, and youngest and hardest working tester is having his 18th Birthday today! Congratz!

He has put in numerous play testing hours with all mods since some of the SIMS 2 mods and continues to be someone I have come to trust and rely upon for suggestions, ideas and sometimes requests that cause me nothing but hours of work lol. You can thank him for the console set that's coming... cause I really wasn't gonna lol

So if you have enjoyed any of my mods I ask you to say a little thanks today.


Now That I am little more awake today..

A couple things I may have over looked to mention. The T.A.R.D.I.S. is buyable only for prerelease. How you earn it is really cool, and leads to a bit of a spoiler and hint for some things that are coming. This features is removed from code all together in order for no one to be spoiled.

The components system are set to a condition during pre-release for testing only. This will change. This will make more sense latter.

I had to disable a number of functions  due to 1 or 2 things that I thought might cause problems or were needed by something not yet included or enabled. This is a field test, wet the whistle sort of test. I will be enabelling all functions to the pre-release before the end of August. So keep your pasword handy. As it will be used to get the more uptodate functions. However the event with the T.A.R.D.I.S will not be included until Sept 4th.

I am not giving ANY support to these pre-releases. SO please don't ask. Just test play and enjoy.

As for custom sounds, make sure you read the guide here to see where these files should go if u haven't already.

Lastly not all the links provided are the same as the links through here, as some files got changed.


Pre-release is away!

I have sent about 40 emails...if I missed u and you have been active, and u PREVIOUSLY emailed me your address forgive me, I'm exhausted lol.

If you posted in the last week and liked me for years, or were unable to post for whatever reason... I appreciate the interest, and you can enjoy the public release on the 4th.

Incase of any issues this is the email I have sent:

T.A.R.D.I.S. Release info Please Read Carefully.

Do Not Download Files IF PRE-RELEASE FILES make you uncomfortable
Do Not Download And Ask for support, it will not be given.
Do Not Download And expect everything to be enabled..its not.
Do Not Save With Active test Files.

Some features are missing.
Some Objects are missing.
Secret Event is missing.

There are bugs.
There are likely still debug messages in game files.

Most things work great.

Public Proper Release Date is Sept 4th. This is a preview release only.




All objects, special events etc will be  available at public release time. I would encourage everyone who wants the full experience to wait, but for those who recieve the emails and decide to download the files. I hope you enjoy.

August 25, 2010

Today is the Pre-Release Day of Wave 3: Tardis

Those who who have not yet received there email, there is a simple reason. I haven't sent them out yet, so no fretting. It will likely be very late in the day, possible the early hours of the night, as I am not home until very late tonight and there's things I still need to do yet.

Those who do receive the passwords I ask you not to post comments on specific details or bugs Direct all this to me directly.

Please no emails asking time/when/what or anything else in regards to pre-release. I will make a final post on the matter once passwords are released. I have numerous emails to send out (manually) so if I make an error and forget someone etc please wait and if you have not received an email by tomorrow evening, then drop me an email tomorrow evening, and I will make sure to get u the password right away. Please do not send requests tonight, as I have said it may be very late when I finish up.

This is by far the most interconnected and complicated mod(s) I have ever done. There is a wide variety of things that can go wrong, and I have found and fixed all the ones I have come a crossed so far, but I'm sure there will be others. So please if your not comfortable with pre-release mod(s), don't download the files...wait until the 4th. Remember this early release is only happening because I know how many have been looking forward to this and are anxious.

I have additional features planned, as waves progress. And have made a huge effort to have additional features added without breaking Tardis...i hope lol.

I will post the wave 4 details tomorrow night, as I suspect I just wont have the time tonight to get to it...but we shall see.


August 22, 2010

Wave 3 Release Date(s)

Well the day is almost up and I promised a date today so I figured I might as well take a break and come on here and post lol.

All went well, unfortunately there is still too much left to do to be released this weekend. Worst part, I am not sure if I will have any available time until the middle of the week to get back to this with any amount of time. So I have decided on a compromise of sorts.

August 25th I will release the early-release of wave 3 to all those who have sent me there info in accordance to previous posts. I will be periodically uploading the release files and updating the mod(s) Information over the next few days, so if your wandering what will be released you can keep an eye out for which mods info gets updated lol. All the links will be valid but will have a password. I will be sending out the password to access these files that evening, to the email contacts I have on file.

If I have not had time to complete everything, I will still release the password to all the files that have been uploaded to that point. I know the main question everyone has reading this is: Will the Tardis be delayed? NO. It is complete. I have more functions I would like to add as I learn how to do some more things, but for now it is finished, only some minor code changes are needed and they will be completed well before then.

Any files not posted at that time will be posted on the public release date of September 4th. There will be no further posts until release date other than updates to individual mod(s) info and links for the files being released on Wednesday.

As far as the Next Wave goes, I will post that info on Wednesday as well. I'm rather eager to get to it, as I have delayed creating 1 of the objects since wave 2 as I knew I would be doing this wave and it would fit better. or perhaps that's my sadistic side coming out (hint hint lol)

We'll its time to get back to work, still a couple hours left in me lol


August 20, 2010

Site Distruction Aborted lol

Okay after some major headaches, I'm happy with the primary layout. I still have some things to change , and tweak but most are small things that I will just pick away at over time.

Was driving me crazy that some of the script were causing load problems, and that some widgets were simply not functioning. I re-enabled the followers widget it seems to be working again, so that's a good sign.

I'm not real happy with the menu location, it wouldn't function properly when I placed it somewhere else...and I am not sure why...

But in any event, every things seems to be back working....so its back to modding I go.


August 19, 2010

Sorry The Jumping Layout Changes

Decided to make a couple changes since layout had been hacked all to pieces, and adding new features from blogger was becoming increasingly difficult. Unfortunately, 1 change became 5, became complete chaos. I will likely be making changes throughout the day, possibly the week until I get comfortable with the new layout.

Sorry for any issues as a result.

Just a reminder to all the new people discovering the blog, when they encounter something they are unsure is a bug or by design, or is in fact a bug.. please do not post these questions in the comments section, but address them directly to me, that way if I need more information I am not cluttering up the comments section.

August 18, 2010

Final Preview Wave 3

*** Okay everyone this is the last preview image/video for wave 3. As previously announced date would be approx Sunday August 22, 2010. It is looking like I may need to push this back some, not due to any scripting problems, but mainly do to some last minute additions, and I don't know if everything will fit into my timetable yet or not.. If all goes very well delay may or may not be needed. However I will announce a firm date on the evening of Aug 21 as I will know better then.

Sept / Oct we have a new expansion coming out. Late Night for those who haven't heard.

Upon release, once I have acquired a copy I will post new files that are supported by the expansion. I will leave old files available...however no additional features or fixes will be provided for them. I will be changing the download templates to help make this more clear when the time comes. I have received a couple donations already, for this expansion. So all is looking well for an early purchase. Since it is got vampires in it. You can expect I'll be doing something cool for the TimeLord's oldest enemies.

However that is still aways off and I hope to release at least 1 more wave before then lol. I will be announcing this as per usual on release day.

We are almost at the end of previous Sims 2 mods list. Not many left to go lol. Not to worry I still have many many plans. In fact there is a really interesting thing that will be alluded to this wave...and it is part of a very important element of Wave 3 that has not been revealed, and will not be until someone has found it. Then I will explain to everyone how to trigger it. No clues or hints will be provided further on this. I do not want it ruined for anyone. Seek and ye shall find.


Little Closer....

*** We're getting there lol.

If Anyone has access to the Tardis Model Book, the paper model of the Inside of the Tardis...and would be able to scan the grating and perphaps the pillar...hell as much as they can...it would be a great help..so far I have had no luck and to order it would delay any kind of release by at least another 7-10 days.

August 16, 2010

Quick Scale Test

*** Doing some sizing before continuing to work on meshes & textures. The Tardis is a stand in for the inside doors, everything else is just rough mods  until ALL scripting is done. These may or may not be the only walls I do, bu the others may just be textured...not sure yet. Trying not to delay this wave..so will have to see.

Small Quicky Contest

So finally taking a bit of a break from meshing...I meshed this once before...be damned if I can find it....and a few other models argh...oh well nothing like a dozen hours of re-meshing  lol.

This is the first small contest I am doing, its simple and plain..in the future there will be greater challenges//but for now my brain is tired. However the first to get this right will be rewarded, but they will not find out how, along with a few others until wave 4. (Sorry Wave 3 is just getting to big lol)

And yes the sad part is I have wave 4 mapped out already. I decided the full wave today actually. No rest for the wicked I guess lol.

Anyways for a bit of fun...and just to see who comes here that is clever I give u a riddle...

 I was made broken. There were once many like me, and though they were only a pale shade of me, there power was great. We carried both men and woman alike, though they were not always aware of it. I have heard rumors of another the color of the sky....but they are not like me.

Please do not email me the answer as i might overlook it.

What Am I?


August 14, 2010

Gotta get back in time....

Quick Update on Wave 3

As promised I would give the release date for both public and pre-release this week. Well I keep my word lol...or I try at least.

Development has gone very well so far, and the hardest code is behind me. i suspect to have 80% - 90% of scripting done by the end of the weekend, if all goes well, and everything goes to schedule I will be releasing wave 3 approx Aug 22nd. Possibly earlier, possibly later hence the Approx lol.

Public release will follow 10 days from date of release. Everyone who has in the past actively taken part in the site will be provided the password to the early release. Since I know here are those who have been taking part in polls, and or posted anonomous, I can't know for sure who these people are...and frankly I'm just not that worried about it. I'm not anyone's moral center or judge, so anyone who provides me an email address and tells me they have been active that's good enough for me.

This is just a method of cutting down on pull and runs, and discouraging that behavior. Its pretty easy to simply say thanks if nothing else. I do this for dedicated Who Fans, and I love ideas...even if I have to drag em out of ya sometimes lol. If I was merely interested in numbers etc...I'd release on Mod the Sims or another huge site. I make mods cause i love Doctor Who and I enjoy seeing people excited and happy. Not simply numbers.

Anyone contacting me after release date will be too late. I will compile the list from those who drop me an email...I am only doing this to try and be fair. Anyone who does so, I ask to do it privately..as I don't want anyone publicly posting there email addresses.

Anyone not wishing to do so, or knows there only interested in being a download leech lol, can wait the 10 days and download at there leisure. Going forward all waves will be delayed 2 weeks to non active people. This is the only time I am allowing people to send me there emails, this is a one time deal.

I will be posting a small poll, and maybe a mini quiz or puzzle before then. To give everyone a fair chance to post or take interest.

So for now, that's all everyone.

Back soon with a release :)


August 13, 2010

Fallowout Who: The Last Child of Gallifrey - Released Tomorrow

An incredibly talented and creative buddy of mine, is ready to release his project to the public. Tomorrow comes the much anticipated release of a project that has spanned nearly 16 months. Anyone who has enjoyed Doctor Who, both past, present and future will find something in this mod that he will enjoy. I mean where else are you ever going to be able to pilot the Tardis?...if your good enough!

With any project there may be a few bumps, but have no doubt you will not regret trying this wonderful narrative mod. 


August 9, 2010

Wave 3 Exaplained (Frequent Questions)

Thank you to all the recent commenters and those who have taken the time to send me there ideas for the T.A.R.D.I.S. wave.

August 6, 2010

August 5, 2010

Wave 2: Timelord Science

WAVE 2: TimeLord Science

Reuploaded Script Core

Seems I may have buggered up lol. I have re-uploaded the SharedCore. Anyone NOT getting in game popups or regen on death, this is why.

Please re download, if any issues please let me know.

August 4, 2010

Everyone wants to go down town....

***Sound is in game, needs replaced with more appropriate and better timing... but just thought everyone would like to see this...

August 2, 2010

BUG Warning!

It has come to my attention than when traveling to other worlds some settings are being lost for a Timelord, resulting in not registering properly when return. Until further notice it is advised not to use Timelord Sims on other world maps until I can address this, if you have already had this happen, and a problem arose, i may or may not be able to fix it, but drop me and email and I will see what i can do.


I have determined the problem, and it is certainly a valid bug. The bug is was in my implementation of storing values in the Nuclei and a few other of my mods. Data remain proper until exported to another lot, or travel since apparently internally the game exports contents aswell.

I have corrected the issue in Nuclei and it is a relatively simple fix, however a couple mods also need to be corrected which have rather complicated needs of storage mainly doctors hand and fob watch.

I will try and post an update tomorrow or the following day that will correct these issues.

Bug will not affect regular play on home world lot, only if traveling or trying to export family.


Quick Engine Test

*** This is still very early, but hope this inspires some good ideas...

July 31, 2010

A Message To Everyone Regarding Sims 2 Mods

Okay apparently there are still people coming here to download these files as I am still, getting emails about these now and again. I am sorry to say these HAVE not been supported or updated in well over a year. At the time of my last update there were bugs that had got introduced with patches and expansions and never got fixed, and some models that got released that simply were rushed.

Currently I do not have access to the Sims 2, nor do I have the time or ambition. I am focusing on updating these to Sims 3 versions and adding new and exciting features. If you want some great Doctor Who mods from me, I suggest to switch because they will and are coming.


Looking for Input

Alright everyone this will be my last post for a bit as I am off to work on Wave 3: T.A.R.D.I.S. As with the Sims 2, I will try to replicate as many of those features as is possible with the expansions we have and tools available.

I have a T.A.R.D.I.S. Basic Object in the Sims3 now, and am working out the functions...yes already lol. It does have animated doors.. I don't know about sounds. When I am still looking for information to allow this, as so far my attempts haven't been greats..but honestly I haven't really sat down and just looked at it yet. NO functions are done yet,as it took a while to cleanup the old model and get a workable object in the game. But I will be starting coding very soon but I plan to sit down while watching a movie later tonight and brain storm my ideas for wave 3.

So here is your chance to request features for a TIME CAPSULE...notice I didn't say a type 40 TARDIS. First the 2 biggest questions to me:

1. How would you like Time Travel (Not Location, Time) to be implemented?
- Immediate Time Affected, Sim Out of Play till arrive in Future, Travel back in time to affect own timeline (Similar to Time Machine I guess)..personally I don't think u should be able to affect your own timeline.

2. How earn T.A.R.D.I.S.?
- Some build interaction of some kind, Buy it, awarded from skism, grown, other

Don't request Travel, Inside of Tardis or Worlds. Not because I wont do them, but because I have already made up my mind when and if I will doing them, and you will see the results if and when I publish them.

Anything else is free to ask for, no guarantee you will get it. but it must relate to The Votex, Void, Time or Timelord tech involved in.

Suggestions will be accepted for at least a week. If detailed email it (as I know a lot of you seem to be fond of lol) if not post here and maybe it will inspire ideas from others.


July 30, 2010

Sims 3: TimeLord Science Released!

Hope everyone enjoys my latest release. Lots of new things for your Timelords to do. As with all my mods I will be adding features to these in the future. But enjoy them in the meantime. As with previous release, please consider them a public beta. Fixes will be addressed only if details are provided. Please make use of email for any reporting.

No Custom sounds. Unfortunately. As soon as I can figure out how to do this...it will be done!

Also with the release of this wave, I am please do announce Wave 3: Tardis!



Sorry everyone who is coming here to download mods for Sims 3 - I am in the process of updating the links. So please be patient and check back in a bit....may find something cool when you do.


Wave 1: Timelords

WAVE 1: TimeLords

July 27, 2010

What ever he did..bet he wont tick her off again!

**This is what can happen when you piss of a woman with a Lazer!

The Sonic can fix the plumbing...but it doesn't do wood.
(Except Secret Doors)

July 25, 2010

Thanks to Everyone Who Tested

Thank you to everyone who reported issues the encountered with WAVE 1. With everything, not all requested features are possible, at least at this time due to limitations in either my knowledge..or the editing tools available.

July 24, 2010

Installing Custom Content Sims 3

As of Sims 3: Ambitions, EA decided to allow 3rd party files to be used without modification of there files. Considering how much the custom mod community adds to there games personally I feel they should do a hell of a lot more..but anyways...

This is easy, so no panicking....

Step 1

Create 2 Folders: (Example)
C:\Users\USERNAMEHERE\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods
C:\Users\USERNAMEHERE\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages

Step 2

Create a TXT File Named: Resource.cfg
Add the Following Lines:

Priority 500
PackedFile DCCache/*.dbc
PackedFile Packages/*.package
PackedFile Packages/*/*.package
PackedFile Packages/*/*/*.package
PackedFile Packages/*/*/*/*.package
PackedFile Packages/*/*/*/*/*.package

Step 3
Save the File to: (Example)

C:\Users\USERNAMEHERE\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods

All Package files should go into Package Folder. All Done Back to what you were doing.

July 22, 2010

Answering Quick Questions

You cannot download Regeneration is it is integrated into the Shared Script File. I have indicated in the PDF and in the change log that this was done. It is kept separate for information purposes and changes only.

How Sims can earn Nuclei is explained in the PDF.

Important Note Buying the Nuclei was supposed to be disabled, and I forgot lol. As it was left that way for testers using debug functions...functions were disbled but i forgot to remove it from catalog. You sims will not register properly if you are trying to use it in that way.

These are public beta, and I expect there to be some issues that didn't show up because of testers mostly using debugging functions..If there are please email me directly with full description, and how you experienced it etc..Just saying it didn't do this or that..will be ignored.


July 21, 2010

Sims 3 : Timelord (Released For Public Testing)

Everyone enjoy my hard work, and be thankful I have dedicated testers who correct most of my rushed dialog and point out my flaws lol


I'm a Barbie Girl!

I' Don't Want To Go!

Last post Before Release

Hey all,

Everything is moving well, I am working on the last mod in the wave, The Doctors Hand. Regenerating and using the hand is complete, and the clone code to create the cloned/altered Timelord Sim is completed. What remains is the results of using the Hand, and the Sim Altered Who initiates the cloning process.

All that remains after that is code cleanup and final testing, and any final changes I wish to make. If there is any delay it may only be a couple days to ensure the least amount of bugs possible. All mods will be considered BETA when released, and I ask when mods are released you read the PDF as there is some important points about how some of the mods work. Any bugs found I ask you to report them to my email address only. If you are not sure u wish to risk using mods that are BETA I suggest you wait a couple weeks before downloading or that if you use them not to save your game.

Overall i think the mods came out pretty decent for just getting into Sims3 modding, and already they are doing some pretty cool things. Though knowing me, I'll end up adding more features lol. There is a very good chance they will be released Thursday but if there is a delay, at worst would only be few more days. So please don't ask if they are not available. My next post to the site will be with the download links.


July 17, 2010

Fallout WHO

One of my long time testers, and incredibly talented buddy of mine has been developing an extensive Doctor Who related mod for the game Fallout. I won't give anything away, as everyone should check it out for themselves, but I will say you get to experience the inside of the T.A.R.D.I.S in a new and exciting way.

He has been putting a great deal of time and effort into his mod and I think everyone will be amazed.


Where is my essence going?

July 15, 2010

Sims 3: TimeLords Release Announcement

Well its been a long time since I have released anything on the site, and I am pleased to announce that mods for Sims 3 are once again on there way.

The First Set of Mods : Timelords will allow your sim to become a Timelord and experience regeneration. Speciifc details will be released in the form of a PDF which will be available with each mod.

I am finalizing the last couple mods that will be part of the package, and then once testing is completed, I will be posting them all online.

Approx Expected Release Date: July 22, 2010

July 12, 2010

New Poll

Thanks to all those who took the time to answer the last poll, it helped make some final decisions. So I am using this method again to see how people feel in regards to Doctor 10.5 etc. Please think carefully, and base your choice not only on accuracy but what you would like to see. Also if you have thoughts about Fob Watched TimeLords / Hand grown Metacrysis Timelords in addition to the poll, please feel free to comment or drop and email. if it goes against established facts, justify why I it could be and I'll consider it.

Though I will warn you now, Timelords who purposefully do not regenerate, may face a dangerous situation the next time..

Accepting suggestions up to the 16th, after that any good ideas that are suggested will still be considered but will be put to the back of my to do list...and its getting long..


July 7, 2010

Proof of Concept

*** Still needs some cleanup of course, not sure what can and can not be done for animation...not happy with floating, but was a temporary way to get off the ground lol...

July 6, 2010

Reverse Your Polarity

*** Looks like I got replacing how a Sim Looks Working :)

Quick note

This is just a quick reminder that I am only accepting ideas/suggestions for TimeLord / Regeneration mod for another 5 days, after that its strictly coding features and testing.

When submitting ideas please give as much detail as possible..

Some facts you should know. I have already written the core of the mod. In other words i have already written code that allows your sim to be recognized as a Timelord, aka Simbiotic Nuclei. It stores values such as How Recieved (Knowledge, Training, Birth/Cloned/Loomed, Metacrysis), current incarnation, how many regenerations remaining and if can control regeneration or not, if essence is present or been removed (Fob Watch), and Tardis Link Info, and reaction to vortex (Gone Mad/Ran Away/Inspired). All properties features from Sims 2 Version. I am open to adding other features if they seem interesting or serve a good purpose.

Knowledge Method: Black Scrolls, Worthy Sims based on Traits & Skills. I currently am using a scoring system, if not worthy sim dies. I have not yet come up with a way to allow a sim to learn if he is worth or not...so it may be just an issue of revealing scoring system...

July 4, 2010

This why you should Never play around in Strange Machines....

Your day starts off ok, you go see and visit your good buddy Lazarus, who offers to make you younger....somehow this was not what you expected to happen...

You see the strangest game results, when coding at 3am lol

June 26, 2010

Sorry for any Confusion

The Download Links on the Sims 3 Files are provided only for making it easier for my testers to download at their convenience. Downloads in the future will not have a password unless restricted / special release or unless they are provided with the links.


June 23, 2010

Much Better :)

All those who have taken the time since my last post to email me there ideas, instead of just asking questions and for this and that I thank very much, as they have been much better and some interesting ideas that I will be considering... Yes progress is coming along very well. The Sims will be able to understand the flows of time. DragonSire

June 21, 2010

One more time ..

Okay some are still having a hard time understanding this, so I will say this one last time:

I am only taking emails / comments in regards to features you would like to see in regards to becoming a Timelord. How it will happen, how it will be earned, if there will be different types of timelords etc.

I am not responding to or posting comments about the Tardis..its interior, traveling so please stop asking. As 90% of the emails I am getting is about this. I understand everyone wants this, I get it..I really really do....but I am not having the Tardis until after initial TimeLord mods.

As many have noticed there are updates being made in the development section, this shows what I have been doing and what my current attention is on. So yes it is likely Doctor WHO mods are coming everyone's way. I don't have a release date as stated I will make a post about when to expect and what to expect on the 15th. The main reason for this is to give me time to fully explore what can and can not be done.

I appreciate all those who are eager and excited and have expressed interest in being testers etc...I have testers currently, and with problems I have had in the past I don't expect to be having any others.

I try to respond to all the emails I get, BUT Please ONLY Email me if you have detailed suggestions, or ideas. Not questions or requests. I will allow for this down the road, and as I don't want to seem rude by not returning emails, please limit them to these reasons. If in doubt just leave a comment, in the appropriate spot. I will in the future put some kind of suggestion page up or something.


June 17, 2010

About Emails

I have been recieving mostly email suggestions and ideas after my last post, asking for this or that instead of responding to my questions I have posed.... I just want to remind all that I am only looking into things the site updates etc do not guarantee anything. And please only use the comment section for Timelord suggestions, not for asking for other mods . I will be reviewing ALL suggestions made as I go, but there will be no mods / test mods or other before July 15th.All suggestions made before July 10th will be take under consideration. As Sims 3modding is still very new to me, I will not guarantee anything howerver...

A small tease of a couple test mesh objects using different base objects for the Black Scrolls of Rassilon....those that hold the secrets of the Timelords!!

Still learning, but so far I think it might be on to something................

June 16, 2010

My Journey into the Unknown

I started off writing a long detailed account of my experience with the current modding tools for sims 3 and how some crashed or were useless, or too simple for my aims....but I realized most of you wouln't want to see six paragraphs of me ranting lol.

So here's the situation. I am looking into things, to see if its possible to create mods that are not simple objects. i do not have the expansions and I may have to get them to really see the possibilities, but for now will have to examine the base game objects. However I am not even sure if the current tools even support the expansions.

If I manage to find ways of creating the objects I wish for a first wave of mods then there is a good chance I will...please no requests. i will not be posting here again until July 15th. Even if things go very well and I manage to create a mod or two, there will be nothing until then. However I will ask for your input either in comment or email to the following 3 questions only:

1. What would you like to see for skill requirements to become a timelord?

2. How do you feel about regeneration, would you like complete random stats etc, or a base minimal and then random the rest etc. If possible, skin / gender change? Sims still ages, but regens not die 13 times? Or not age?

3. How would you like your Sim to become a timelord?

Until July 15th

June 12, 2010

Status Update

Okay so I get a lot of requests and questions about Sims 3, and instead of emailing again and again lol Just going to answer the questions I get most.

Am I going to release/update Sims 2 Doctor Who Mods?
> Short answer, not likely. If and when I begin modding again it will be for Sims 3

Why is there a Dalek/Cyberconversion mod of yours out in the wild but not posted here?
> BETAS, never supposed to be public, or special gifts.

Why did I stop updating?
>Personal situations and crazy busy work life. I have approx 16 software projects on the go, for businesses, personal, etc. Not including my day to day work.

King Maker Questions, what are the answers?
>I have posted most of them from time to time, but frankly there easy..google is your friend. So off the top of my head, OMEGA created the powersource for time travel, using a stellar manipulator refereed to as the HAND of OMEGA Exploded a star creating a black hole, known as the eye of Harmony,,,which Rassilon placed beneth the capital and used to creat time travel capabilities. Zagreus was a nursery rhyme, see Big Finnish Audio plays. You must obey the laws of time. ....cant remember the other questions.

Will I remake Sims 2 mods for Sims 3?
>I do not currently own any of the expansions, nor have I played them. Until I decide it is worth it to put out the cash to buy them, and then look into the state of modding I cannot really answer this. I will at some point make a Timelord Sim and Tardis, when it is possible, and I have the time and copies of the games.

Can I / Someone edit your mods and finish them?
>Not with my permission no. Mainly because there are mods out there for example the Dimmensional Stabilizers used to allow the Tardis to Travel, are specific in how they work and could cause MASSIVE issues, during testing they crashed a neighbourhood a couple times. Daleks invasion also relies on specific features and status of mods. Though these are not publicly posted, I cannot support them at this time if a conflict arrises. There are people who have, and will continue to modify my mods without permission and frankly ran into issues and wanted my help, and it just plain pissed me off that no had the decency to ask first. A few who did and made changes for themselves and remained private versions, I thought was nicely handled and had I continued working on them may have encorportated some of the changes. But I cannot support modification of my work, because I will not be responsible for corruption of SIMS, NEIGBOURHOODS, etc.

How am I?
>Good. Busy. Tired. Single .. and loving it! lol

How will you begin modding when you do?
> Likely I will create Sim Timelord First with regeneration. Next Tardis. Sonic Screwdriver. Then will depend on what base objects the game has, where modding is at, etc...but K9 soon after.

Do I accept bribes?
>lol no. I have received a doctor who figure once, and a couple offers for money to make x, but I don't look for or expect anything, I will release what I can when I can.

.....sure there are more..out of time, will update this again another time.


March 28, 2010

Disruption will occur

Updating Registar, disruption will occur.
Sorry for any problems.


March 14, 2010

Leaked Program....

This is the kind of crap that really pisses me off. As a programmer / developer etc not all of what we create, or design gets out in the public, for various reasons. Usually because they fit specific personal uses, the code is messy, or just don't want to have to support them. I have written many programs, some public some restricted some that just sit on my computer.
The above photo is from a comic program I wrote....years back. Originally written in vb6 for those familiar, and updated to .net over the years, long before CDisplay, though it did not support zip files originally. It became one of those project that never got quite finished, and pulled out every year or so and modified or updated and then forgotten. Last year I decided to redesign it with a much broader prospect and features..themes and removable content packages for various comic companies characters etc. Above is the program using the Spider-Man theme, once my favorite character before Brand New Day. And actually one of the reasons I stopped working on it for a long time.
I had become frustrated that comic scans were still using only image archieves files without any order to them and wanted away to organize them, self linking to story summaries etc. So I had redesigned the core of it, added the option of a lot of content and management a decent program for the early stages it was in. A few weeks back a friend of mine borrowed one of my backup dvds, since there was another piece of software on it he needed, in his defense this is a common thing, and generally not an issue. Except on this occasion a nossey relation of his began looking through the various pieces of software on the disk and being a comic fan shared it with some friends, luckily it was the only software he decided to share.
I contacted the forum that had allowed it to be posted and they removed it quickly. From my understanding it had only been downloaded a handful of times, luckily, and the forum admin was contacting them to prevent any further sharing.
In the event that this does somehow get out, and anyone sees it posted somewhere I ask you to please contact me, it is not stable, and should not be used.

But this brings me to my main point. Anyone who develops software/mods/hacks etc puts there free time into them, usually at no financial gain. We depend on honest people to test and give us feedback. We all want the next cool new feature, hack etc, but we should respect those people enough to wait until they are ready. Just my opinion, and my rant of the day.

Sorry not SIMS Related :(

February 11, 2010

Sorry Not Blog News...But had to Share These photos!

One of a very appreciative visitors sent me some photos, with permission to share. Guess they remembered how much a fan I was of the Character Options Classic Doctor Who Line, as they are apparently floating around now he wanted me too know about them. Tried to hint for him to send me the figure instead...but something about getting something cut off he would prefer not too... THANKS AGAIN!

I peronally have the first 6 Doctors and 9 & 10. I built a small double shelf that sits on a dresser with lights to show them off (and others). I also almost finished my an external ESata 500GB Tardis case....just got to replace the led lights and finish putting on decals.....I like to be creative lol, but I finally find a Tardis available for a reasonable price, ordered  and should be here next week.. So will be interesting to see how close they are in appearance. I'm sure the toy will look better, but it doesn't have 500Gb of doctor who stuff in it lol.

Just missed out on getting a classic Cyberman, can't wait...being in Canada sucks for getting these. You end up paying 2-3 times the price sometimes....but for the 2 below ...don't matter cost I will get them lol. Take Care and Enjoy the pics!


And For those who have not yet seen the Ebay ProtoType and Teaser Floating Around:

January 13, 2010

Site once again Public

A few months back this blog was marked as private, for a number of reasons, mainly to do with time restraints on my part and other projects/business that was taking priority. Also it was because some had abused my mods by modifying them without permission / hotlinking directly to them from other sites, etc. I did not have the time/energy to try and come up with a method of hosting that would prevent this to my satisfaction.

I have been receiving requests for access both from this site as well as from other sites, and forums that I am a member of, and frankly it has become a bit of a bother so i have decided to address it.

Currently I am engaged in a few projects, mostly private business software and custom work, and have not done much in the way of modding for ...well a very long time, again mostly due to frustrations and lack of time. I have no idea what the current modding status of the SIMS 3 is. I have not seen any code, editors etc so I have no idea if it is now possible or not. And at this time I kinda don't want to know as I can not take the time to learn it.
I will be allowing this site to become public once again and allow access to the mods that were hosted here, but I fear this may lead to requests for updates, bug fixes or new releases, all of which time does not permit at this time. If this becomes an issue I will shut the doors completely until I have the time and energy to once again pursue this.

I have no idea which links if any are still active, I will be examining this site over the next week, when I can find the time, to try and sort out what works, and what does not. No guarantees, so if something don't work...don't ask. At least until I post that all links should work etc.

I know this may disappoint a few people, and I am sorry for that, but real life unfortunately requires top priority or we starve to death or our loved ones kick our ass for not spending enough time with them. I will be interested in getting back to modding in the future, once other projects are complete and time permits.