April 9, 2009

Donna is Back (100% Sure)

Wow! Crazy few weeks, looking very good to finally get all my work caught up by end of weekend..yeah..cross your fingers and toes lol.

Donna is back, pictures already floating around. More importantly so is Wilf!..and oh Sylvia too. (yeah) Kinda hoped this wouldn't happen for awhile as much as I would like to see her back kinda getting sick of the whole its forever this time, well maybe not forever this time, but next time it's for sure, Daleks, Rose etc.

Don't get me wrong I adore Billie, bad wolf, and not a fan of how it was left, yes she gets a human version, but he isn't a copy...he's different but has memmories... not to mention I hate the whole grow from a hand thing. Was really hoping Billie altered herself to be more the Bad Wold in order to cross the barriers and would have been left more Joan, live a life grow old die, and then the Doctor move on, or Billie fully become Bad Wold and become more higher being. I just dont wanna see the same faces pop up and be forced to leave unless its for a real long time. But I am not against it if it FINALLY ties up the loose ends FOREVER.

Wouldn't be the same to see Billie come back without Tennant, just wouldn't be the same. I truly believe each Doctor has his companions, and should always continue forward. Rose was an exception in my eyes, she was the one who actually crossed the Doctor's Feelings Barrier, and i think that should be left a unique thing, anything else would cheapen it. I still hold out that River and Human Doctor are the ones who hooked up. But unless they address Rose/Doctor in some final way, likely death from old age or other, I think it's always going to feel wrong.

Donna I hated her being left that way, and I expect he will likely sacrifice himself so she can remember, but I think this would have more impact way later. Lastly Matt Smith, I have finally seen him in some roles....he's ok, he's no Tennant nor Eccelson but I think he may be able to PLAY the part, but he will never BE the part. And god I hope he cuts that friggin hair first. The doctor should command a presence not, a teenage rock band look. He can have his own STYLE for all I care, but I dont think he should playing it like a hippy or grundge etc... I hope he doesn't hurt the image because if he can pull off a decent look of the Doctor, even if its a bit unique...I think he will be fine, otherwise, grab the torches!