March 19, 2009

As some of you have Already guessed

As some of you may have guessed things in real life took a pretty shitty turn. My girlfriend's dad has been battling cancer for some time and recently had to have major surgery, we thought things were coming around two weeks ago when he passed away.

Right now my focus has to be her. I cannot predict when I will be active on this site again, but I can promise that I will be. As for the contest, I still hope there are lots of entries and I will reward the winners as promise once everything is normal again.

I had to break/postpone a number of side projects and favors and I am very sorry and I haven't forgot any of you, I will certainly try and make things up down the road. I have about 2 -3 weeks of work to catch up on, quicker If I can, then I will address my freetime projects. I hope everyone can understand, and I will post back here sa soon as I time permits. To those that email me, I will get to them...there are quite a few already, once I know more and wont have to break any promises.