February 26, 2009

Not much News

Sorry this week has been hell to say the least, first I had to rebuild my computer twice, once for the upgrade of mobo and 2nd becuase after using less than a day I realised the mobo was bad and had to replace it and start again. Then I had a family hospital thing to deal with, and finally I came down with the worst flu I had in 3 years lol. Not too mention real life and work lol.

So Sorry I haven't touched mods at all, just about got everything sorted out..computer good...family thing...more or less on hold for a week or so...flu almost gone I think.

I will post again over the weekend once I can sit down long enough and take the time to get crap done lol. To all those who have sent me your links for your doctors to view and download I want, you to take time, there is lots of time with this, there is no reason to rush things. I will be checking them out the last week or 2 before end of march to see where we are at with participation and which doctors etc. I will then post a section for people to view and voting will be enabled on the finalists for 1 week after the contest entries close. Please make sure if you are sure u are finished that u include a ingame shot you want used for your judging and all the package files needed. I will not be posting any of the shots until atleast March 14th, so there is no rush.

Post back soon.