February 14, 2009

New Earth (Sisterhood 10,000 Disease Chamber)

New Earth (Sisterhood 10,000 Disease Chamber)
The Sister had to grow there own flesh in order to create enough cures for all the New Humans. You can produce enough elixir from own zombie to prolong the lives of many!. Cure Diseases! Produce new moods!
***Warning do not let the flesh free!
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Version Change Log

  • Initial Mesh
1.0.Alpha.Rev1February 7th, 2009

  • Tweaked Mesh, Size, Shape
  • Early Texture
  • First Package In Game Build
  • Preparations for Modding in Place
  • Create Sim Flesh (Zombie)
  • Incinerate Sim Flesh (Zombie)

1.0.Alpha.Rev2February 12th, 2009

  • Create/Extract Elixir From Chambers
  • Produce Elixir of Life
  • Produce Cures For Vampirism
  • Produce Cures For Lycans
  • Produce Cures For Plants
  • Produce Cures For Witch
  • Animated Elixir Tanks
  • Hide/Show LinkPipes
  • Animated Chamber Door
  • Zombies Get Smarter & Escape Trigger Flesh Free (BUGGY STILL)
  • Power on Lot Disrupt/Restore

1.0.Alpha.Rev3February 14th, 2009

  • Added Light Meshes to Chamber
  • Added Interior Texture & Pipes
  • Flesh is Free Fully Enabled
  • Corrected Walk Area
  • Labels on Tanks Showing Properly

Bug Tracking Log

  • Does not include "mood elixir"
  • All Zombies attack same sim

1.0.AlphaFebruary 14, 2009Download

Happy Valentines Day

I have released New Earth Mod it has virtually all the features I had hoped for, few minor things I just didn't get around to yet and will likely come back to once this has been circulated and tested and played with enough.

I have also updated the Nuclei, minor bug fixes and 1 bug that is caused when sim has hidden skills but not all hidden skills would prevent sim from continue to regenerate.

"Reality is Boring"

New Earth Mod Tomorrow

Download of new mod should be tomorrow, I had an issue and had to take a new aproach that set me back on time. I will be finishing it up between the few hours I have left tonight and tomorrow between valentines plans. I do not how many of the elements I have planned will be included with the first test release, but I suspect most will be. Further specifics when I release it.

Tomorrow evening I will also begin workin on the new series console room and will be updating the next release area with planed features etc. To everyone that sent me there ideas or suggestions, or posted there comments I will certainly try to include them all where possible.

February 13, 2009

Simbiotic Nuclei of a TimeLord

Simbiotic Nuclei
The heart of a Timelord. Grants them the ability to withstand time travel, link themselves to there Tardis and allow for regeneration. Rassilon was a clever fellow after all.
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Version Change Log
1.0.AlphaJanuary 14, 2009

  • Controls Sims Ability to Become a TimeLord
  • Tracks How a Sim Became a Timelord
  • Tracks/Sets Current Incarnation
  • Controls Ability to Regenerate
  • Upgraded from Previous Sisterhood of Karn Elixir, to Invisible Controller
  • Allows use of Tardis
  • ...more to come
1.0.BetaJanuary 16, 2009

  • Regeneration Bugs Repaired
1.1.AlphaJanuary 19, 2009

  • Ability to Control Aspects of Regen
  • Updated to Use with Skism & Elixir of Fire
  • More Stable Turn On/ Off System
1.1.Alpha.Rev3February 13, 2009

  • Corrected Hidden Skill Randomize

Bug Tracking Log

1.1.AlphaFebruary 13, 2009Download

February 11, 2009

Progress Report

All is progressing well for those who don't keep up to next release status , and have emailed me. Very hopeful to have a release before the weekend. I begin working on console begining on Saturday, bit surprised by the lack of responses in regards to whether or not console interior should be 1 object or many, or features you would like to see included, well don't say I didn't ask, if it doesn't do or have the features you were hoping for you can only blame yourselves. There are 3 days left. Those who want a feature or have specific requests post them in the comments area, or if you wish to discuss something or want a specific question answered use the Kontactr.

Otherwise I will post back sometime in the next couple days on progress of current mod.

February 8, 2009

Console beginning in 6 days....

Well now that Tardis is in actual Test status we can move on to Cassandra / New Eart Mod. Yeah! Well I know I am excited. I will be posting my status daily in the next release status post, so if your wandering how much longer, what's left etc take a peak. Just a note on Tardis, I will be adding changes to Tardis and bug corrections and new features in the future, this is certainly not the end. And there is still lot travel features....so look for these in the future.
Now for the Console....

In 6 days from now I start the console of choice which certainly looks like it will be the modern console room, which is going to be probably the hardest of all lol, but once that is done we get to some really great mods, namely Dalek and others. Would really appreciate any picture of the modern console showing the things on it, layout of room. I have requested this before but only got 1 or 2 people actually help out, 3d's do not help me, I dont want other peoples mesh designs to influence me or there take on how it is laid out. Photos of the playset from different angles would be incredibly helpful, or just great shots, distance shots dont help much. As mostly they shot the same side and angles in the show.

Also since this is almost from scratch I am going to ask for some input on how you would prefer it. A single placeable object with the interior pillars and console, walls etc or a buildable set so you can move things around, add extra rooms etc. I dont plan on using texture for walls. I inend a single wall mesh or joinable mesh of some kind. Dont mention the door I have got that worked out with a really great method planned.

The Console will have some animations, probably not the controls, as that would be incredibly time consumming. But definately have some interactions, some similar to the Tardis itself. Room Lighting, I am going to look into having different actual lighting, regular and the red hint.

As far as me building other rooms....I dunno if I will take it that far or not, the Zero Room was destroyed in the classic series, although I think big finish has it that it has been rebuilt, but status in current series is unknown, so we only get to see 2 rooms in the show...very lame...the wardrobe and the console room, with a bunch of trunks underneath console, which I thought were in his attic?

As far as the other console rooms go, they would be much easier and I would like to at some point do them, and the Torchwood Hub.

So start requesting your features for the console room now, give your opions, make sudgestions because in 6 days I start. And there will be no going back.