February 7, 2009


T.A.R.D.I.S. The Doctors Time Capsule. With it you can travel in time, visit other places, control the weather, heal yourself, and a great deal more. But beware the Daleks, they can sense a Tardis From anywhere!
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Version Change Log
1.0.AlphaJune 2007

  • Mesh & Texture
  • Enter / Exit
  • Change Clothes
1.1.BetaSummer 2007

  • Added Doors
  • Added Interior Shot
  • Dematerialize / Rematerialize
  • Animated Doors
  • Added Light on Top
1.2.AlphaFall 2007

  • Time Control Abilities
  • Travel Around Lot
  • Newer Mesh & Texture
1.2.BetaFall 2007 - Spring 2008

  • Travel to Community Lots
  • Build Robots
  • Pickup Potions
  • Health and Money Effects
  • Multiple Sims Travel
  • Workshop etc
1.3.AlphaSummer 2008

  • Added Requires Power
  • Open Up Rift
  • Newer Mesh & UV Mapping
  • Seperated Mesh Parts For Future Options
  • Change Weather
  • Plantman Cure Added
  • Requires Key
  • Key Uses Imprint of Nuclei to ensure can only be used for that Tardis
  • Nuclei will ensure Owner always can enter
  • Sim Dies For Good, Tardis Will Die
  • Access to Fob Watch
2.0.PreviewJanuary 30, 2009

  • New Mesh &Texture
  • More Mesh Options for Future Textures
  • Seperate Light Up Materials Bulb & Windows
  • Better Random Lot Function
  • Weather Control
  • Power Usage, Recharge with opening Rift
  • Seperate File for Lot Transitions Supported (Demat Circuit)
  • Better Compatability with Seperate File for Travel Functions (Added soon)
  • New Interior Texture (Temporary)
  • Better System for Time Travel
  • Functions Seperated by TimeLord & Human
  • and probably more....
2.0.Preview 2Febrauary 4, 2009

  • Added Random Dematerialize if land somewhere and can't get out.
  • Textured the Handle & Keyhole
  • Repaired - Now (Using Dimensional Stabilizer) can Travel to Community Lots and Return
  • Aux Control Features, Turn on and Off Lights
  • Change Exterior to Bad Wolf, Turn Left
  • >Still More Coming
2.0.AlphaFebrauary 7, 2009

  • Fixed Window Move When Entering/Exiting
  • Fixed InGame Thumbnail
  • ReEnabled TimeLord Usage Checks
  • Adjusted Mesh (Door Lock Position)
  • Adjusted Bones, Door no longer Extrudes
  • Adjusted Mesh (Handle Size & Shape)
  • Added Lighter Exterior Texture
  • Added Classic Interior View
  • Added Local Movement Around Lot
  • Added Change Direction of Tardis, When Exiting Only

Bug Tracking Log

  • Clickable Area Not Reflecting Properly
  • Ground Shadow Still Not Gone, Removal CuasedGame Crash
  • Lights not Detecting Night/Day
  • Tardis Door Sound Not Right
  • Freeze Time Not Working, Disabled...may move to something else....new idea in my head...

1.0.BASIC.F (OLD)2007/2008
2.0.AlphaFebruary 7, 2009Download

Tardis Test Release Download

I am running my last set of tests now to ensure TimeLord menus are visible and Sim Menus are visible and that all are not showing up for both. Once completed sometime in the next 1/2 hour or so, I will be posting the download, please read bug log.

After trying for a number of hours I was only able to get 1 of the 2 features I wanted working properly. It is Lot Movement. You can now tell your Tardis where on the lot you want to go. Now this is a global mod, and will be affect/cause problems if you have a conflicting detination mod in use Teleport here or such. As it replaces the in game menu, it will not affect mods that affect destination that do not replace menu unless using the same INSTANCE NUMBERS. If unsure remove the hack or dont add mine. This will only work with Apartment Life Expansion as again, replaces menu. If i can come up with a way to get around this limitation I will do so.

As for the second feature it was i thought going to be very easy to do, and turned out to almost drive me off the bend. Simple change the direction the Tardis is facing while a Sim is inside. Should be easy right? NOPE. I either had the Tardis believing it was facing the desired direction, but physically not moving, hence walk out of wall or moving and door and sims not going with it. I tried numerous methods but with not satifactory method. I have changed a couple things, but if not even close to working right, will be hidden and disabled.

To those I have given the nod too about testing out lot transition, I will be emailing u with the download link and instructions within the hour.

Download link will be availale in New & updated & Available mods with version indication of 2.0.Alpha once I have posted it.

Changing Direction is functional but not what I had intended, Sim now exits when you change the direction you are facing, and Tardis may move phyically instead of just direction. I mainly wanted the option when materialized and trying to exit instead of always trying a new random location, to try and rotate tardis first. Doing a quick test but if it does not work, If not I will disable it, and the manual select direction option.

Tardis Direction Change when Exiting seems a bit...not exactly what I wanted but working, removing manual direction change. And posting Tardis.

Slight Delay

I have added a few new great features to the Tardis, and I am just working out the last of a couple issues, download will be available the next hour or so. Sorry for delay, but trust me you will be glad I added them.

February 6, 2009

Tardis Classic Interior

Since there will be no downloads today I thought I would share the aternate exterior and classic interior that you can also select with the Tardis.

Download will be available tomorrow afternoon,

Tardis Test Release Date Set

So I have tied up most of my loose ends now, and I satisfied with the results. I will be releasing the full Test release Saturday afternoon. This will have the Timelord Controls set and regular sim controls set and all the remaining functions I had planned excluding Lot transition.

Lot Transition is working, very basic, and as a reward to those who have been actively commenting, or showing support through other means I will be giving them exclusive access to the test releases as I add and enable more and more features into it over time. With the initial function of being able to travel back and forth to community lots. I have sent out emails inviting those interested to let me know and they will be provided links, if you did not get an email and believe this to be an error it is likely I do not have a email contact for you, or not sure if the email addresses are for the right person, as I get quite a few. So if this is you and there are atleast a dozen people I can think of that I do not have email contacts for drop me a line with your email address and I will be happy to provide the download link on Saturday if you are interested. As for everyone else, when the Mod leaves Testing wich will be likely a few weeks it will be made publicly available.

Sorry but those that just come here to download and do not contribute either in discussion, emails, or at the least show support through ad viewing, I'm sorry but I believe in rewarding people who deserve it. I track all site activity and find it sad that alot of people come here linking and bookmarking the downloads section and never go anywhere else. I hope to down the road start showing off some doctor who sims videos and fun stuff, even if they are not made with my stuff that's okay. Its Doctor Who its all good. Sims 3 is being delayed till June 3, 2009. So that gives me plenty of time to make just about everything I can think of before then.

I have about a dozen doctor who mods planned at this point that are in 1 stage or another that are not even mentioned on this site yet. So there will be tons of great things before june. Right now the order of the mods I have updating or in development listed on the site, is roughly new earth/cassandra, console interior, fob watch, doctors hand, cyber conversion unit, dalek....and then more...

Please do not hesitate to ask if you are unsure, likely if you have contributed in some manner I will be happy to give u the link.

February 5, 2009

Next Mod Coming

So I am heading out a couple hours and then its back to modding. So details as it were. Disease Chamber will allow your sims to produce medical cures for all diseases and produce a knock off of the sisterhood elixir of fire, not yet named. It will not aid in regeneration but prolong your life. Where does it come from? Well from sucking the life from sims...wich makes them zombies. And occassionally you will need to incinerate them and grow new flesh/sim. The Bad thing is Cassandra has this nasty habbit if treated badly and can find a suitable host, of temporarily taking over there body and if she doesn't get her demmands met well out goes the power....out come the zombies!

What you are looking at above is 2 seperate objects, so that they can be chained together. More details once Tardis Test is released.

Was able to get most site changes done.

Well it has been another rather late night, lots of new layout changes. Never got to post the information for cassandra new earth mod, but I will later on tonight for sure.

New Tardis Preview Available!

I didn't have as much time today as I had hoped but I thought I would atleast share this with you. A slghtly more stable version. I have disabled the appearance of Community Travel so your sim is not going invisible. Since you need another file for the actual travel.

This version has control for your lights and exterior as well as adjusted texture for handle and keyhole. Few minor other changes, not sure but I believe TimeLords can safely enter and exit aswell.

Still alot left...well a lot of little things. I will try and polish them off soon. And if need be I will provide a 3rd Preview just for fun. This package does not include the mod for travel, dont ask for it. See New & Updated for Download Link.


About to have a Bad Day

Well I have slightly updated K-9 still need to work on a couple things (mainly not saving), but in this version I corrected his sensor appearance so its not floating, or hidden. Available Downloads for download link.

February 4, 2009

Just a quick notice

Tomorrow night not sure what time, but for about an hour downloads will be unavailable as I am updating my mod posts. There will be an indicator on the site anyway. The rest of the time I have available tomorrow will be spent on updating the Tardis and some more on the next mod set.

I will be annoucing the details of the cassandra/new earth mod update tomorrow night as well as I hope to finish of most of the main Tardis features and provide a new download tomorrow aswell. No guarantee.

February 3, 2009

She told me to tell you..two words....

So an update on Tardis Finalizing, as you can see in picture u can now adjust exterior to 3 formats, Turn Left, Bad Wolf and Normal. Also added control for light textures on/off and a safety measure after the whole roof thing, if you land somewhere and sim can't get out it will dematerialize and random a new spot.
Travel to community and then to other community lots is now possible. Just doesn;t seem to wanna go home yet lol

Why a Sim Should never try and use a Tardis

Looks like the Sim decided to exit a little too soon before landing. Boy was I surprised to find my sim on a roof...now if only he had a remote lol.

Time For Your Input

Most of what I have planned for bug fixing is done for now, excluding the Tardis. However I am debating on whether ot not REGENERATION should allow for skin color change. And I would really like everyones opinon on this. I have never really tried to force it to stay, but I must admit when it did happen the first time I was surprised, but I never considered it really an issue. But I have off and on again recieved Emails asking for this.

I will get back to finalizing the Tardis again tonight and you should see another download very soon.

Next Update - Sonic Screw Driver

Well thanks to the suggestion of a couple posters the next update involves the sonic screwdriver, adding the initial structure for..RED SETTING. I have not decided what it will be able to do..but I'm sure I will. For now this is just a visual effect, and it is randomly sets to scan red. However it will eventually become something that is unlocked probably from River's Diary. And will have different abilities. I also rebuilt the mesh ..damm flicker was driving me crazy. In addition I reduced the room scanning from all objects to a max of 6.


>See New & Test Releases for download

February 2, 2009

First update for the week

I have posted a new download of River's Diary, removed some global files that were not needed and corrected a bug in relation to reading and not placing it back down. At some point I may adjust this to place on counter and end table etc

February 1, 2009

New Earth - 10,000 Disease Chamber - Snippet

Dont mind the quality this was my first attempt at this lol..just heading out for the night, thought I'd just post this for something fun.

Tardis Testing! and the Future

Testing results, logs etc DO NOT GET POSTED in COMMENTS. I cannot respond to such requests that way, and I will not have Tech questions in the comment areas. In addtion I very specificly have mentioned in a prior post the Tardis is a PREVIEW and not not send me comments about bugs until I have released it as TEST.

To Address a couple questions asked...a TimeLord Sim will cause an error with this. In order to allow just play I made it so non timelords could use it, I never corrected it for use with a Timelord. This is fixed. Will be released with my updated mod, there are issues with getting in and out, these will be corrected.

If you have bugs on this or any mod. I have 0 problem with you contacting me and If I need to see logs I will provide my email address for you to do so. I can not fix something if I do not know it is broken. But I want full information, what you were before something happeded, if you canceled an action, if it only happens under specific circumstances, what expansions you have etc. When a mod is updated if you simply replace the file, while and object is still on lost this does not always correct the problem, especially with bones. The object need to be removed from lot and re-added ..not in all cases.. but in a lot.

I do not and will not offer support on a PREVIEW OBJECT. I always make it clear if something goes wrong your own your own. Once I release something as Test I WANT FEED BACK. How else can I make something work and have the features people want.

I am in the process of working on a new mod set, as you can see in the post below and I will post information on it as soon as I have a stable Tardis Test Release. I am also doing some house cleaning of the mods that are in TESTING and have had bugs reported to me. This is what I will be doing, along with Tardis stuff over the next week.

There will not likely be time to start anything after the Cassandra/New Earth mod before I am to start a console and interior, but that will be addressed prior to starting that project.

After that there will the Doctors Hand, FobWatch to go along with console & regen stuff. Which will bring us to all new stuff: Dalek, Cyber Conversion Unit, Torchwood Cells, Cloning Machine etc. I will be releasing more information on future mods after all the existing mods in development, or in update area are completed. Plus I will be doing a competion after the console..what that will be ?? But the reward will be to choose your own Doctor Who mod to be done.

Most of the cosmetic changes are done to the site aside from the logo area..so yeah I know bit plain. I have had acouple people send me things, but I dont want to use edited scenes/clips from the show and I dont want old mods of mine in it, nor do i want images belonging to other people, it drives me nuts even with the image of the Tardis I am using, and that will not be staying. I will either get someone to draw what i have in mind or I will wait until enough of my mods are ready that I can create a really cool background.

I dont ask much, show your support, dont just leech. Contact ME directly for tech questions. Do not post direct links to my stuff and show respect in the comments area. If your unhappy about something, if I can or able I will help. Time permiting. I cannot make all mods work for everyone, nor will I always try. If someone abuses this, I can and will put up safeguards to prevent it from continuing.

Got Flesh? (couldn't resist)