January 31, 2009

Visit Simmer Girl for some Great Stuff

Selina over at Simmergirl has created some really cool Doctor Who related clothing and Sims.
I believe all but the 9th & 10th Doctors and Jack are her creations, and even those were tweaked abit. Some great stuff and a very interesting forum, everyone should take a look, and they even show off some pics of my mods aswell. All around goodness.

January 30, 2009

Tardis Type 40 Updated - PREVIEW EDITION

I will be posting a download for the Tardis in the next few minutes. Got sidetracked by real life tonight, got dragged off to the movie "Underword: Rise of the Lycans"
Not bad, better then the second...maybe even the first...I really like the gothic catle type stuff compared to modern day.
So I didn't get quite as much done as I had hoped. Plus I swore to myself (as I often do) that I would not release it if I didn't have it all ready..well I did promise. So I will release it tonight..please please treat this as a PREVIEW. I have removed / disabled anything that could be harmful. (Namely lot transition) I will be working on it somemore tonight and over the weekend to finish it up to what I consider a stable TEST release. Please download if you are really anxious. And do not report any gliches, as I did tell you.Most of what is left is just minor things, animation tweaks, etc, so there should be nothing harmful.
But I try to keep my word. So PREVIEW in the next few min, please read bug log. Compatability should be for most expansions asside for lot transiton that will be limiting when I release it hopefully over the weekend as well. This version does not use Timelord recognition...well..its turned off or ignored for testing purposes, so for the preview I have left it off.

Tardis GraveYard

Well I'm still trying to get this ready for tonight, spent the last few hours trying very, very hard to work out the last of my lot transition issues.
Tracked it down, but I don't know if I will have enough time before my self impossed deadline to post it tonight or not...
However I said there would be a download tonight and there will, but I'm gonna use the few hours I have left to get as close as possible to a proper test release.

January 29, 2009

Missing K9 Download, SoundFx

I just noticed with all the updates I did to the site, the feed filters etc some programming behind the scenes I forgot to upload K9...Sorry about that, his link is now working.

Nice to know some will actually take the time to enform me when there is a problem. Otherwise things like that could go unnoticed for awhile.

Hope to update the expanded post mod links all to mediafire once I get my post software changed around some.

River Song's Diary

Well I squeezed in some time to get River Songs Journal working as a Journal and a Book. Afraid I couldn't really decide on anything spoilery related that wouldn't just be stupid. However I have thought of a couple possible future usses, so we may come back to this in the near future. As always treat as a test release.

I know.. I know maybe I shouldn't have mixed Journal of impossible things wih River's diary...but come on...she had to learn about him somehow, and that's my theory that I am sticking too...could he really really trust this woman enough over all the others, including Miss Rose Tyler, Bad Wolf herself? I dont think so. (If proven wrong, I don't care..I choose to believe myself)

Hope you enjoy.

River Song's Journal of Imposible Things

River Song's Journal of Impossible Things
It has always been a speculation as what her diary might contain, is this the real diary, The Doctor's Journal of Impossible things from his time as a human?
Recommended Expansions

Version Change Log
1.0.AlphaJanuary 27, 2009

  • Texture & Mesh
  • Standalone Readable Book
  • Interactions and able to not put away in a book case
  • Write in Jouranl (Buggy still working on)
1.0.BetaJanuary 29, 2009

  • Write in Diary now working
1.1.AlphaFebruary 2, 2009

  • Removed Global Mod Related Files (not Needed)
  • Fixed Issue When Reading book, Would Try and Put Away

Bug Tracking Log

1.1.AlphaFebruary 2, 2009Download

More Changes

As you can see I have added feed burner service to the site I encourage everyone to subscribe, or for convience I have added email support so that you will be notified of any updates.

Who knows I might throw in something special once in awhile for those that subscribe, wanna take that chance?...

January 28, 2009

File Downloads

File Downloading will be unavailable for the next hour or so as I am correcting some issues. I will update this post when downloads are enabled again, in the meanstime if you use the links in the expanded post of the specific mod you will be able to download most mods.

***Update File Downloads are available once again.

Site Layout Changes

Okay, so as this blog is still evolving there is going to be times of change. Another one of these is happening today. I had a good suggestion about a new file hoster, mediafire. So we are gonna give em ago. I have spent the last hour or so uploading files and changing links.

There may be links I have overlooked and if so, I will correct them as they are brought to my attention.

Also I have changed K9 & Sonic Screw Driver to use an external Soundfile as some pople have had issues with custom sounds. This may or may not address all issues, since there is always the chance of conflict with other mods, but it should help some. So please download this package as well as remove old K9 & Sonic and download new. Also I have, I believe corrected a flicker issue with the sonic screwdriver, if it has not...well I may need to rebuild it...but lets hope not.

Going forward I will place all updated mods in the new & updated section for the first week or two. I also have seperated the Shared Mods aswell for a little more navigational help.

Also I have not yet updated the expanded posts with new links yet as I am looking at changind them a bit and if so I don't want to have to update them again. These will be updated over the next day or so. If not sooner.

And an additional note Tardis OLDVERSION download will not beavailable from medaifire as I will be replacing it very very soon and old version will be gone for good.

Doctor Who: Shared SoundFx

DoctorWho SoundFx
Used as a central resource file for all custom sounds. Will be recieving updates as more sounds added to new objects.
Recommended Expansions

Version Change Log
1.0.AlphaJanuary 14, 2009

  • External File For Custom Sounds
1.0.Alpha.Rev1January 16, 2009

  • Support for Sonic ScrewDriver & K9
1.0.Alpha.Rev2January 19, 2009

  • Partial Support for Tardis
  • Renamed File

Bug Tracking Log



The Secret is out. River Song's Journal of Impossible Things!


**So what is your Sim Reading?

January 27, 2009

Tardis Update Progress

Well it has been a very busy week, few set backs, but all has progressed. I have updated nearly all the old features now to work with the new version as well as some new ones. The Tardis will be release to the public this week. I can't say for sure when as I have some very busy time coming the next few days. So I will be picking away over the next couple days. The only major feature left is travelling to other lots, and I have that well underway aswell. I will release the Tardis with or without lot transiition as a Test Release by at the latest Friday night. Likely before.