January 17, 2009

Before downloading Regeneraion & Nuclei

I want to be very clear with this, this is a TEST release. It seems to very stable, but I have had an issue with Atrraction to Sims that become TimeLords. Though this shouldn't affect game play, I belive it to be corrected but treat this like a TEST. Do not save your lots with this (though it should be fine if you forget)
Requirements may not be accurate, as there is a very good chance you will not need Apartments, but since I am using a global mod alteration from apartments so as to have 100% compatability there is always that chance, until I know for sure you do not, I will leave the requirement posted. Also Fx requires Pets, I WILL once im sure this mod is stable and has been out for awahile go back and allow for people who do not have pets, by giving an alternate FX. This is not a priority right now.

I will be moving on the the child half of this, and once ready there will likely be an updated Nuclei to go with it. I do not expect it to be long before you see this available aswell as it shares the code from the nuclei, so there is not alot left to do.

I put a great deal of time into the rewrite, so I hope you all very much appreciate it. If you have any issue use the Kontacr button to get in touch with me. Please only post comments on the actual download posts.

Black Scrolls of Rassilon

Black Scrolls of Rassilon
Rassilon had many secrets, many that were from the dark times. Contained within are the secrets of Regeneration, and Rassilon's Legacy the Simbiotic Nuclei of a TimeLord.
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Version Change Log
1.0.AlphaJanuary 7, 2009

  • Inital Mesh
  • Texture 50%
1.0.BetaJanuary 16, 2009

  • Texture & Mesh Complete
  • Interaction Open/Close
  • Learn Reassilon's Secrets (Simbiotic Nuclei & Regeneration)
  • Fire Fx
  • Must Have >- 700 (Logic, Mechanical, Creativity) to Open
  • *****REQUIRES Simbiotic Nuclei Version 1.0.Beta or Above

Bug Tracking Log

1.0.AlphaJanuary 16, 2009Download

Regeneration (TimeLord Sim)

TimeLord Regeneration
A Timelord has 13 lives, able to regenerate tissues after death and be reborn. Some Timelords those who have been inspired ot have gone mad, even have the unique ability to control there regeneration.
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Version Change Log

  • Initially Sister of Karn Only
  • Random Body
  • Random Traits
  • Radom Skills
  • Random Aspiration
  • Random Clothes
  • Able to Regenerate Upon Death

  • Able to Regenerate and Tack Incarnation Number
  • Regenerate with Different Animations Where Available
  • Custom Sound, Fx
  • Death Supported upto Seasons
1.1.AlphaSummer 2008

  • Death Support upto FreeTime
  • Able to Become Human
  • Able to Unlock Essence From FobWatch
1.2.AlphaJanury 16th, 2009

  • Support upto Apartment Life
  • New UnDeath Animations
  • Altered Regen Animation
  • Using Controller - Nuclei for All actions
  • Linked more to Path Choosen For TimeLord
  • Links to Support Watch & Doctors Hand

  • ****Requires Simbiotic Nuclei 1.0.Beta or Above

Bug Tracking Log

  • Current Status Unknown as of Apartment Life
  • Need Death Support for All Expansions
  • Regen Mod Completly Seperate from Fob, Tardis, Elixir of Karn Checked Over
  • Animation Support and Fx for Lower Expansions
  • More Aspiration and Goals Random From newer Expansions

1.0.BetaJanuary 16, 2009Download

January 15, 2009

Timelord Regeneration & BlackScrolls

I have made available a PREVIEW release see Next Release section for downloads and information. Full Test Release will be made available within 24-48 hours so if you prefer to wait it will not be long.

Play. Test. Enjoy.

January 11, 2009

K-9 is now Available

K9 is here!. Finally.
This is of course to be taken as a Testing Object! Lots of changes from the last version made available. Cannot guarantee custom sounds will not interfere with other doctor who mods of mine, except those that have 2009 updated downloads. Best Advice remove all previous versions of K9, Tardis, Cassandra. These will be updated soon aswell.

There WAS a bug relating to later expansion pack being required in the test version. I have revised it slightly and should now appear as long as you have Open For Businness. There is a small question on whether or not I removed the Season glich but I have not heard otherwise. I have updated the link


Sim's Best Friend has got an upgrade. K9 is mostly autonomous enjoying repairing and stopping burglars and the odd bit of cleanning, but he especially dislikes Daleks.

Please note K-9 does not like to get wet!
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Version Change Log
1.0.Alpha/BetaFall 2007

  • Mesh & Texture
  • Used Animation And Base From Hydro Bot
  • Setry Bot Attack Burglar
  • Put Out Fires
  • Some Database Info
1.1.AlphaSpring 2008

  • New Bone Structure
  • New Mesh
  • New Texture
  • New TurnOn Animation
  • New Scan Animation
  • Power Down Animation
  • SoundFx - Power Failing
  • Recharge Mode
  • K9 Independent from Base
  • Repair Mode (Fix Objects)
  • SoundFx - Affirmative Master
  • SoundFx - MaxDefenseMode
  • Preparations For Different Mark Versions I - IV
  • Teleporter Enabled (TEST For Mark IV Only)
1.1.BetaSummer 2008

  • Command Come Here (BASIC)
  • Purchase K9 From Box
  • Additional Mark I to IV Preparations
1.2.AlphaJanuary 11, 2009

  • Repaired Custom Sounds & Increaded Volume
  • Added SoundFx EarScan
  • Added SoundFx LazerBeam
  • K9 Rusts and Sparks if Gets Wet
  • K9 Repairs Self when Recharges
  • Independent Actions Working Again
  • ***Disabled Scan Sims (Temporary)
  • ***Disabled Put out Fire (??)
  • ***Disabled Database
  • Removed From Purchase Catalog (Comes in Box)
1.2.BetaJanuary 28, 2009

  • Changed Object Version to comply with older expansions

1.3.AlphaFebruary 4, 2009

  • Custom Sounds Removed to SoundFx Package
  • Fixed Model Bug, Sensor not showing up

Bug Tracking Log

  • Put Out Fires
  • Scan a Sim
  • Animated Side Display
  • K9 Not Returning once you leave the lot

1.0.Beta (OLD)Fall, 2007Download
1.3.AlphaFebruary 4, 2009Download