January 9, 2009

Upcoming Weekend

Looking Good for more freetime this weekend (My better half is visiting her mothers......looks around suspiciously..whew that was close lol) So I suspect there will be atleast 1 or 2 fun things coming before Monday.

Check Back soon.

January 8, 2009

File Downloading

It has just come to my attention that files being hosted by nakido are preventing some people from downloading files that are not NEW. Requring VIP or ad clicking. I will be moving all future posted downloads to filefactory and will be moving existing files there next few days aswell. If anyone knows of any better free file hosting then filefactory please send me a private message.

General Inquiry Response

Since I lost my FobWatch Mesh & I started it tonight since I didn't have a lot of free time today seemed like a quicky. Also put some bones and texture to Black Scrolls. (See Updates for Progress Images). Tomorrow K9 will go back on the editing table.

Last few days I have recieved a number of emails asking when this or that mod will be rereleased, what is next etc. For those who keep asking about Regeneration and Tardis Update read the following:

K9 is going to be the next mod released.
Just Working on his lazer beam and then a beta will come out.

Next: BLOCK 1 - TimeLord
KingMaker - 50%
Simbiotic Nuclei - 100%
TimeLord Memmory - 100%
Regenerated Memmory - 100%
Regeneration - Unknown likely 50 -75%
Black Scrolls - 75%
Untempered Skism - 75%

My plan if everything goes well, will to finish this mod up on the weekend. but depend on if I get enough time between now and then to get K9 done.

After that its anyones guess what is next. Im not sure myself. Likely it will by Doctors Hand & Fob Watch. Wich will also mean the Tardis right around that time. And Elixir of Karn.

At somepoint Cassandra will get some more mesh tweaking, and fucntions, wich will not take long. Once everything cleaned up I will start on new stuff. Likely release my Dalek first.

So please dont waste time asking when... cause I cant say for sure, only that is appears to be the way in wich i am cleanning them up.

January 7, 2009

Decided on KingMaker package

Didn't get a lot done today, managed to tidy some small things. So still progressing forward. Also Threw together a quick mesh of the Black Scrolls of Rasillon. (See updates for quick look of mesh in progress) Going to be the package delivered by the KingMaker. Can only be opened by a True Gallifreyian/TimeLord. Also posted an updated pic of the my Dalek mod that will be coming aswell.

Plus fire just looks cool.

January 5, 2009

My Little Rant

Wow I almost threw out my computer when I seen the annoucement of the 11th (shouldn't it be 12th?) Doctor. Wow. 50's rockband singer. If they change Doctor Who into a Teenage soap opera I quit!....all that said I hope he proves me wrong, is a brilliant actor...and in the first episode a Dalek Fire a beam and Fries off his hair.

Otherwise lets hope, if he is terrible, BBC gets smart and yanks him out of the tardis and he lasts shorter then Eccelson.

Someone asked my my favorite Doctor..Tom Baker..no question. Then McCoy, Pertwee.
I never was a fan of Davison, I hated Colin Baker as a kid. Wich is funny cause I love him now. Probably because of the Audio plays, wich he is brilliant in. So is McGann and McCoy and Davison, although still my least favorite. Probably cause he just seems to young??? I think I changed my mind about Colin when I heard an interview with him, amazingly passionate man about Doctor WHO, very, very kind to fans, after learning that he had wanted to play the character much different, more inline with the Audio Plays and more leather eccelson look, I really think having given the chance to be what he wanted, I would really have enjoyed him more. But If I was too meant any of the Actors it would be him, just because of his love of the character.

I find it difficult not to say Tennant is my second, cause he probably is...but its such a difference Classic and Current. If the classics had the makeup and CGI effects and understanding of science and Tech that we do now it would be an even playing field and its not.

January 4, 2009

Sonic Screw Driver

Sonic Screw Driver
The Doctors Sonic Screwdriver has taken many shapes over the years. It is a great tool for repairing things, scanning for alien tech, and unlock doors, unless there deadlock sealed.
Recommended Expansions

Version Change Log
1.0.AlphaWinter 2007

  • Texture & Mesh
  • Basic Interatcion and Scanning Fx
  • Skill Building, Temporary Function
1.0.BetaChristmas 2007

  • Custom Sound Effect
  • Repair Electronics
  • Repair Plumbing
  • Repair Mechanical
1.1.AlphaMarch 11, 2008

  • Use From Inventory
  • Return to Inventory when used
1.1.BetaMarch 13 - 2008

  • Reworked, No Jumpy Interaction, Route
  • Doesn't get blocked
  • Put in pocket menu option, for when bought
1.2.AlphaJanuary 2, 2009

  • Tweaked Position While Held
  • Rounded and Reduced Size of Beam
  • Fixed Custom Sound
  • Scan Closest Door (Does Not Unlock Yet)
1.2.BetaJanuary 4, 2009

  • Added Scan Room (EVERYTHING)
  • Added Scan Closest Door (Unlocks)
  • Cleaned Up Object & Tweaked Mesh
  • Removed Automation Scan Door & Scan Room
  • Adjusted Clickable Area
1.3.AlphaFebruary 3, 2009

  • Adjusted Mesh
  • Adjusted Texture
  • Changed Scan Room to Limit of 6
  • Added Ability for Red Settings
  • Randomly Selects Blue or Red (Temporary)

Bug Tracking Log

  • **** Funny Thing only 3 people reported Continual Scanning, Download..Test...Report if issue...
  • Some Reports of Flickering
  • Interaction with Doctor Who Objects as they come

1.2.BetaJan 4, 2009Download
1.3.AlphaFebruary 3, 2009Download