February 23, 2008



I had an email asking me how to do make use of these so I thought I would post the info for all.
There is a lot of confusion on how this is suuposed to work. So I decided to make this simple.

X = Stands for the Local Variable that contains the Refence to Wich Private String Table to use.
Example $PrivateString:1:Y, 1 would refer to Local 0x0001

Y = Stands for the Local Variable that Points to the Text Item in X

So Lets Say you:
Associate Local 0x0001 with 0x03EA (could use Const in BCON)
Associate Local 0x0002 with Value 1

using $PrivateString:1:2 in a Dialog would retrieve the Line from:
STR# instance:0x000003EA, Text Line Entry 0x0001

Make Sure you have current StackID 0x0000 set to Object containing Strings!

February 18, 2008

Tardis (Basic)

Tardis Version H (Basic)

This is being updated with new features and correcting some bugs found. plus making more compatable with current EPs and Freetime when in comes out.

Added/Changed Features - Completed
  • Plantman Cure Potion to Medical Room
  • Tardis now Requires Power to use
  • Must open Rift to Recharge (With FX) and 10% Chance of FireStorm
  • Change Seasons (Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring, were available)
  • Change Weather (Rain, Snow, Hail, Clear Sky)

In Progress / Planned / Possible Features

  • Nucleus of TimeLord Required (New TimeLord Identifyer Object) for Zero Room Features
  • Nucleus of TimeLord Required for Time Control features
  • Nucleus of TimeLord Required & FobWatch Object to use Chameleon Arch to become human.
  • Tardis Requires Power (implemented) Specific power drains on usage completed
  • Get Extra Tardis Key (New Object) From Workshop
  • Cannot Enter Tardis without Key (Vehicle Version if/when updated will have travel allowed without key)
  • Chameon circuit on/off , enter/exit so can be used, but change happens when exiting or entering not while in tardis. Will have preset random objects, but might add ability to choose single spaced object near by...
  • Support for all versions upto BonVoyage
  • Spawned Robots not infront of door
  • Dematerializing Tweaking
  • Lot Position Rematerializing Tweaking

Wishful Addons if added to this version

  • New Models - Time Capsule, Masters, Rani (Pillar, Cubbard,Plain)
  • Recolors (Bad Wolf, Happyness) will require new Texture UV map
  • Recolors Interiors (Classic
  • Mesh Tweaks
  • Door Animation Tweaks
  • Adventure Mode (First Story - Trip to the Planet of Gold)
  • Get Sisterhood of Karn Fire Elixir From Tardis Adveture