December 31, 2008

Old Version Available (Not Updated Yet)

Cassandra (The Last Human)...More
Release Version
1.1.AlphaMarch 19, 2008Download
Test Release Version

The Doctors Hand...More
Release Version
1.0.ReleaseFall 2007Download
Test Release Version

December 29, 2008

Doctor Who Mods (Sims 2)

I have given it alot of thought and I know there are issues with some of the Mods not working with later Expansion packs. Especially the Tardis & TimeLord Mods. I want to be clear about this, In most cases I have more uptodate versions of the mods posted here but they were never made available because they were being tied together, or were too unstable. Since I had to step away from the scene these never got posted. There are examples in the progress section of changes that were made already in some of the objects.

I do not yet know how much time I will have available over the next few weeks / months to promise anything. HOWEVER it is my intention to make all my MODS stable upto Apartment Life. Since the Sims 3 will not be out until February and likely modding will be sometime coming....I HOPE to put out updates and maybe even new mods. If however Sims 3 Modding comes quickly..this will be more my priority.

For the time being anyone downloading my mods and using them on later expansions be advised they may not work as intended. I will be assessing my mods one by one and looking at posting them if time permits. I do not have a time frame. It could be a mere days between, it could be a month. I will post specific updates on each mod with the current status, changes made, changes left etc.

I will be grouping the releases in BLOCKS since alot of the mods now tie in with each other. This is not to say this is the order they will be released. But will require all items in the BLOCK to be completed before release. I will be grouping mods together in the download section to make it easier when a block completes.

Untempered Skism
King Maker
Symbiotic Nuclei + TimeLord Memory + TimeLord Sim

Fob Watch
Doctor's Hand

K-9 (Mark I to IV)

CyberConversion Unit

New Earth Medical

Sonic ScrewDriver



I am currently in the process of updating this site, hope to have the majority of changes done soon. I apologize to anyone who gets junk feeds during this editing process.

The Future

Wow! Holidays can be fun.....or crazy lol. Thanks to all for the kind words over the holidays, there always appreciated. As for those asking what the future holds for my mods in the Sims 3, well that really depends on how quickly modding becomes possible and what control over objects we have. My goals will be as fallows:

Finish redesign of my blog...
Purchase Sims 3 lol

Create a TimeLord Sim (Regenerate, Random Traits etc)
Build or Buy or Grow or Earn a Tardis that can travel around lot.
Lots of Doctor Who objects like sonic screwdriver etc
Daleks & CyberMen (had a rough beta, not released that ran around killing all my sims, was a nightmare lol)
and more....

In short any and all mods i have made for sims 2, just improved. Also I know there have been a couple of my alpha mods that have made it out into the wild that I have never made public (mostly because they were too unstable) I have recieved private requests to allow them to be posted for download. I will not post them, nor will I make them privately available so please stop asking.

My Schedule should be much lighter soon, and I hope to get back into the grove for when Sims 3 comes out. WHO knows what I might do until then.

December 26, 2008

Merry Ho Ho

Merry Christmas All! I uploaded the version of the Tardis that was the most stable for version independence, but gave a person an issue right off, so I never posted the download link here. I will try and iron out the bugs by the end of the day. Otherwise I have located an early BASIC 40-F Version that I will post today, its only noon where I am so I will see what can and can't be done and post here again here sometime in the evening!


November 27, 2008


I read through quite a few emails over the last day or so. It seems there were many asking about the old Tardis Version, along with request for new objects and all that. As a small Christmas present I will make it available on Christmas day. ...Now I can't say for sure if it will be the old Version from ModtheSims or if it will be a much newer version. That all depends on how much free time I get between now and then.

So Check back Christmas for a holiday gift.

P.S. To those who have asked, I 100% intend to update the Tardis, K-9 etc to Sims 3 before any new projects. Just as soon as modding is an option.

March 23, 2008

Custom Sounds

For Those Who Want a bit of help with adding custom sounds here is some stuff to get ya started.

String Example : drwho_cassandra_moisturize

Instace: 0x006F5D87 crc24

Instance High: 0x6982FA9D crc32

0xeb8ab356 is the group ID for your TrackFile and Unknown (0xFF6F5D87)

0x0b8ab3cd is the group ID for your MP3 Sound File

0xADD550A7 is the group ID for your INI Audio File

Unknown (0xFF6F5D87) HEX File Example:


Instance: 0xFF06F5D87 (CRC 24 From SoundFx String)

Instance High: 0x6982FA9D (CRC 32 From SoundFx String)

--Unknown-- #MP3 INSTANCE INSTANCE HIGH (MP3 instance)
38 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 95 CD 28 FF 8A 3C CC 96

TRACK (0x0B9EB87E) File Example


Instance: 0xFF06F5D87 (CRC 24 From SoundFx String)

Instance High: 0x6982FA9D (CRC 32 From SoundFx String)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<AnyUint32 key="0xff099db2" type="0xeb61e4f7">44100</AnyUint32>

<AnyString key="0xff1cdf6a" type="0x0b8bea18">Track</AnyString>

<AnyUint32 key="0xff303b1b" type="0xeb61e4f7">3</AnyUint32>

<AnyUint32 key="0xff3c2160" type="0xeb61e4f7">4285488519</AnyUint32> TRACK INSTANCE

<AnyUint32 key="0xff4c97be" type="0xeb61e4f7">2878355995</AnyUint32>

<AnyUint32 key="0xff53dbf3" type="0xeb61e4f7">790</AnyUint32>

<AnyUint32 key="0xff5f15e1" type="0xeb61e4f7">3911397507</AnyUint32>

<AnyUint32 key="0xff891eaa" type="0xeb61e4f7">2110647613</AnyUint32>

<AnyUint32 key="0xff99d2d5" type="0xeb61e4f7">1770191517</AnyUint32> TRACK INSTANCE HIGH

<AnyUint32 key="0xffa6a614" type="0xeb61e4f7">64</AnyUint32>

<AnyUint32 key="0xffaab623" type="0xeb61e4f7">2</AnyUint32>

<AnyUint32 key="0xffcc156f" type="0xeb61e4f7">1</AnyUint32>

<AnyUint32 key="0xffff3067" type="0xeb61e4f7">2916117068</AnyUint32> MP3 INI (0xADD06A4C)


2026960B-6997E472-ADD550A7-FFF85A10.mp3 (INI File)
; This is an audio ini for a download object.
; This file is necessary for the audio resource manager to load sound from a download.
; This file can be used as is for any download.


; No sections needed here for downloads, because AudioResourceManager automatically registers any segment with an audio ini record

; This group matches the hardcoded one in PackageBuilder

; This group matches the hardcoded one in PackageBuilder

March 18, 2008

Cassandra (The Last Human)

Cassandra (The Last Human)
The Last Human, well self proclaimed last pure human. Or Walking trampoline whichever you prefer needs a home. And will pay a great deal if you will keep her safe. Carefuly she tends to like to borrow bodies and whatever you do, dont make HER ANGRY!
Recommended Expansions

Next Version Features

  • New Texture
  • Fixed Custom Sound
  • New Sound Fx - Burn Baby Burn
  • New Sound Fx - Such a notty thing
  • Summons Burglar
  • Starts Fires
Version Change Log
1.0.AlphaFall 2007

  • Decoration Only
  • Mesh & Texture
1.1.AlphaMarch 19, 2008

  • Moisturize Interactions
  • Get $$ For taking care Cassandra
  • Dries Out After Time Passes without being Moisturized
  • Dispose of Body when Dies
  • Added Custom Sound FX
  • Summons Burglar if Dies

Bug Tracking Log

  • SoundFx No Longer Works
  • Better Death Mesh & Texture
  • Weather Absorvent (Snow, Rain Etc..different Effects)
  • Chance of Leaving on Her Own...if...
  • Chance of Betrawal...summon Burglar, other...

1.1.AlphaMarch 19, 2008Download

March 16, 2008

Doctor's Hand

The Doctors Hand
Release Version
1.0.ReleaseFall 2007Download
Test Release Version

Version Change Log
1.0.ReleaseFall 2007

  • Decoration Only
  • Texture and Mesh

Bug Tracking Log

  • Possibly add TimeLord Energy Random Glow
  • Possibly add Grow TimeLord
  • Possibly add Change Human to Metacrysis TimeLord

February 23, 2008



I had an email asking me how to do make use of these so I thought I would post the info for all.
There is a lot of confusion on how this is suuposed to work. So I decided to make this simple.

X = Stands for the Local Variable that contains the Refence to Wich Private String Table to use.
Example $PrivateString:1:Y, 1 would refer to Local 0x0001

Y = Stands for the Local Variable that Points to the Text Item in X

So Lets Say you:
Associate Local 0x0001 with 0x03EA (could use Const in BCON)
Associate Local 0x0002 with Value 1

using $PrivateString:1:2 in a Dialog would retrieve the Line from:
STR# instance:0x000003EA, Text Line Entry 0x0001

Make Sure you have current StackID 0x0000 set to Object containing Strings!

February 18, 2008

Tardis (Basic)

Tardis Version H (Basic)

This is being updated with new features and correcting some bugs found. plus making more compatable with current EPs and Freetime when in comes out.

Added/Changed Features - Completed
  • Plantman Cure Potion to Medical Room
  • Tardis now Requires Power to use
  • Must open Rift to Recharge (With FX) and 10% Chance of FireStorm
  • Change Seasons (Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring, were available)
  • Change Weather (Rain, Snow, Hail, Clear Sky)

In Progress / Planned / Possible Features

  • Nucleus of TimeLord Required (New TimeLord Identifyer Object) for Zero Room Features
  • Nucleus of TimeLord Required for Time Control features
  • Nucleus of TimeLord Required & FobWatch Object to use Chameleon Arch to become human.
  • Tardis Requires Power (implemented) Specific power drains on usage completed
  • Get Extra Tardis Key (New Object) From Workshop
  • Cannot Enter Tardis without Key (Vehicle Version if/when updated will have travel allowed without key)
  • Chameon circuit on/off , enter/exit so can be used, but change happens when exiting or entering not while in tardis. Will have preset random objects, but might add ability to choose single spaced object near by...
  • Support for all versions upto BonVoyage
  • Spawned Robots not infront of door
  • Dematerializing Tweaking
  • Lot Position Rematerializing Tweaking

Wishful Addons if added to this version

  • New Models - Time Capsule, Masters, Rani (Pillar, Cubbard,Plain)
  • Recolors (Bad Wolf, Happyness) will require new Texture UV map
  • Recolors Interiors (Classic
  • Mesh Tweaks
  • Door Animation Tweaks
  • Adventure Mode (First Story - Trip to the Planet of Gold)
  • Get Sisterhood of Karn Fire Elixir From Tardis Adveture